Mall Window Displays + Street Style @ the Mall

5:26 PM

Looved her style, and loved her red hair, so pretty!
She's a cool nice girl, and she actually worked in the Betsey Johnson store. :D 

Love the Bebe clothes on the mannequins

I liked her outfit.
Loved her sweater.

Express window display
Looove their fall clothes
I looove all the knits in store

I looved her outfit!
Loved her faux fur vest, the belt....
...and her BAG!!

I forgot which store this was, but gosh, looved the leather jacket and the black skinny pants !

I tried to do street style pics at the mall on Saturday, when my family friend left for her job, but, ugh, it was hard to go up to people and stop and ask them for a outfit pic, they looked so busy shopping. It's A LOT EASIER to do street style pics at events, people are just cooler there. :P

*Stay tuned for my Saturday outfit post this week!*

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