My striped Shirt

11:28 PM

That's a fake cigg, 
I made it purely out of air dry clay, and painted it. :D
I think ciggs are a cool prop, and I love props, and I wanted a cigg badly,
and I didn't know anyone who smokes, so I decided to make my own, with clay. :D LOL
Don't it look real? 

Shirt: No name, I believe my mom got it for my twin and I, since I have no memory of that shirt.
Blazer- Zara
Skull Necklace- I made it out of air dry and polymer clay and painted it.
Leggings- H&M
Socks- I don't know, just basic socks
Shoes-Sam Edelman  

Over the weekend I was looking at my closet, searching around looking for something,
then I found this grey and black striped short sleeve shirt, and I was like...
So I was happy, and loved it, and I made an outfit for the shirt! :D
My twin took the pictures, except the first pic, I took it.

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