What I Loved/Liked From Jason Wu's R-T-W 2012 Collection

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My Collage

Left to Right

1. Love this outfit, I loove the high waisted shorts!

2. LOOVE THIS OUTFIT!! I love the short sleeve blouse and the pretty bow, and of course the high waisted shorts! :D

3. Looove the dress, love the simplicity of it, and love the sequenced collar. :D

4. Loooove the outfit!! I love the high waisted shorts, like the print of the shorts, the top, and looove the jacket. :D

Left to Right
5. Loooove the top! Very cool, love the sheerness of the houndstooth  top  I want it....if I had millions of $$. :D

6. Like the sheer rain jacket ♥ I want to see the black sheer top she is wearing underneath the jacket and I like the color of the clutch. :D 

7. LOOOOOVE THIS LOOK!! ♥♥♥ I looove the sheer blouse, loove the sleeves, the print of the fabric and LOOOVE THE SKIRT!! I think it's so sexy. ^^ 

8. LOOOVE THE DRESS!!  So interesting! I love the print, loove the sheerness, love how the fabric flows, and love the bag! :D I want this dress! ♥♥♥♥

Left to Right
9. LOOOOVE THIS LOOK!! God, I looove that skirt, loove the color, love the soft pleats, and how the fabric flows ♥ :D

10. LOOOVE THIS OUTFIT!! I loove the jacket and the material of it, very cool , love the pink top and of course the shorts. :D

11. Loooove the pink sheer coat


Left to Right
13. LOOOVE THIS DRESS!! I love it even more, because it has pockets! :D I just love the simple style of the dress, and loove the sleeves and the collar

14. LOOVE THIS OUTFIT! I loooove the sheer top, so cool, and looooove the neon skirt.♥♥♥ This outfit, to me gives off a punky look, doesn't it

15. I loove the sheer neon blouse, love the bow, so pretty. :)

16. I LOOOOOVE THIS DRESS!!!  Love the color, love how the fabric flows, love the soft pleats and love the neckline. I would def. want this dress! ♥♥♥♥

Left to Right
17. Loove this outfit! I love the top, and the sheerness of the upper part of the chest area, and also loooove the flowey skirt ♥

18. I like this dress, I love the print of the fabric, the sheerness, and the way the fabric flows. I think the vertical blue line going down the dress, makes the dress interesting. And, I like that the top part of the dress, the print is lighter in color, while the print of the bottom dress is in blue color. :)

19. I loove this look. I love the sheer top, the color and like the shorts. :D

20. LOOVE THIS LOOK!! ♥♥ So cute, love the top, I love the ruffles, the skinny black bow belt, and love the sequences on the top. :)

Left to Right
21. Loooove the jacket! So nice, I love the fitted sleeves, love how the jacket fits, and looove the collar! :D

22. LOOOOVE THIS DRESS!! So nice, simple and cute. I love the sequences on the top of the dress. :) 

23. I think the skirt is interesting. I like the ...I think it's feathers(?), under the flap (I don't know what it's actually called :/ sorryyy.)

24. LOOOVE THIS DRESS!! SOO CUUUTE! Looove the feathers at the top part, I love the ruffles and that the dress is belted. :D ♥♥♥

Left to Right
25. LOVE THIS LOOK!! I loooove the pink skirt, so pretty!! I looove the big ruffles. :D I like the top too, and like that the belt is black. Such nice colors.

26. I like this dress. I looove the color, and love that the hem is shorter in front and long in the back, and just love the volume of the dress. :)  

I LOOOOVE JASON WU!!  I also looved the catwalk, a bit artsy, but wow, I was so afraid the model's will fall or trip, look's so hard to walk on.  I love the lady like dresses, the bright colors of the dresses, the print of the fabric, loooved it soo much, it's interesting to me. I really liked how he played around with bright colors mixing with white, grey and black. :)

*What did you guys think of  Jason Wu's Collection?*

*Images from style.com

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