My Recent Fashion Illusrations

1:43 AM

First pic taken by twin, and the rest by my cell.

Drawn with H pencil
Inked with Black Filt tip marker
Colored with Prisma Color pencils and Prisma markers.


I quickly drew these drawings on Monday, after my mom and I were trying to decide how we're going to make the top of my dress, that I'm going to be wearing next month for my cousins wedding. At first, my mother was going to design the dress for me out of new fabrics, but she didn't have taffeta fabric, but she did have a old dress made of silk taffeta, and she showed it to me, to see how the material is going to be. Then I pointed out to her, that I wish the color of the dress could be like the color of the old dress, which is a light pinky/peachy color, and she agreed of the color choice. So then she got an idea, for me to wear the old dress (the old dress is a dress my mother made either for me or my sister when we were like in elementary or middle school, and OMGOD....IT SORTA STILL FITS ME!!! LMAO!! The neckline just chokes my neck lol, and the top is reallly tight, O.o annnd I look Amish in the dress. LOL!), and she shortened the dress, by gathering the bottom of the dress and pinning it to the upper part of the dress. And OMGOD!!! SOO CUUUTE!!!  I looove that the skirt part is going to be a bit puffy and just FUN TO MOVE IN!! :D So we both were pleased, and I showed my twin the skirt, and she loved it as well! Soo my mom and I were happy that my dress is figured out, and all we have to do is reconstruct it, and figure out the top section of the dress.
My mother and I came up with some ideas for the top part, but we weren't sure. So Monday night, I was doing some creative thinking and decided to quickly draw a few ideas out.

The story of the first wedding dress idea:  My mom wants to make sleeves for my dress, and I thought, the top part could be a closed neckline, and the back will be the same, and I could add a STATEMENT NECKLACE!! HOW FUN!!! My twin loved the statement necklace idea. And for the shoes, I thought either peep toe strap heels with a cute simple look/design or a pump heel. The color of the shoes will either be a nude color (mom and twin's color pick), orrr a light pink color (my color pick). 

The story of the second wedding dress idea: For the second idea, I drew a sleeveless dress, because, that's what I want, lol. I don't want sleeves, I want something fun. So I thought of having the top to be like a halter top, with beaded pearls on the neckline, and the back will be closed, like the front. The shoes will either be simple pumps in either nude or light pink. I thought of a fun idea for the shoes, I told my twin, wouldn't it be cool, if I could glue on jewel stones, like only one side of the front of the heel on each shoe, and she loved the idea! :D I love the idea too, but, I don't know, it might be too much going on with the pearls on the neckline, and then having jewel stones on the heels. O.o  I don't know what's going to happen, it's all just ideas, and ideas are good to have.....just in case something goes wrong....LOL. HOPEFULLY NOT! :D

***Which ideas do you like, the first idea or the second idea? ***

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