The Thread Show 2011

1:45 AM

Loooved her jewelries!!
Very fun, pretty and cute. 

The highlight of my day, giving the original drawing to Mel from Modanista Junkie. :D
I brought the drawing with me, just in case I saw her at the Trade show, so that she can have the original copy, it's hers, and I thought that she should have it. :D  
It was really cool to meet her and to see her in person, she's so sweet and so nice. :)

 I love the city, soo beautiful!
I can def. imagine myself living in a place like this, and looking out the window and into the city day/night 

Anna & I loved her headpiece
We looove her work, soo good!
 Looove all these necklaces!!! 

 Anna & I loved the necklace at the far left end

So beautiful, I looved the green color stones

I wanted to buy the Heart necklace, but the owner said, she's going to make a ring just like the necklace in a heart shape, and oh my god.....I was like, never mind, I want the heart shape ring instead! :D


I loooooved her awesome braided feathered headband! Very cool!!
She made it herself, Beautiful Bliss

Sorry that this picture came out really blurry :/
Loved the body Jewelry

And here are my nails being done by Dipped Nails
I chose the nail art on my ring fingers because I wanted something to represent me, and since I love art so much I picked that design. :D

Anna and I attended the Thread Show for the first time, and we loved it and had a good time! There was a lot of great talent amongst the jewelry artists, and Anna and I loved loots of the jewelry pieces! Some were beautiful, fun, cute and cool. :D There were also some clothes, and I got to meet the designer from the clothing line of Roja's :D! I had to tell him that I have been a fan of his clothes and used to follow him on myspace, lol. He laughed and said something along the lines of, "Thank you for following the line", he's a pretty cool designer. :)

At the Thread show event, I also got to meet a few blogger girls, which was AWESOME!! I finally got a chance to meet Mel from Modanista Junkie , Melissa  from The Key To Chic, and two other blogger girls that Anna complemented on their style , Teresa & Emily from The Style Map, and I also noticed Zoe from . I wanted to say hi to her, but she was with her bf, and I just felt uncomfortable, so I just looked at her, lol.

Anna bought three items from the thread show :D. First item was a strange, odd and creepy copper ring of a face, second item was the Roja's Earthy colored long tee, and the third item was a Oval Druzy Agate earthy necklace by Love Tatum that matched with the Roja's tee :D
I didn't buy anything, which sucks, I wanted to buy a necklace from Bella Koi, but I couldn't make up my mind on what to buy! >.< All of her stuff are soo good! But I did get a feather extension in my hair, but the woman didn't place the feather extension good. Because the feather doesn't hang well, it sticks out! Not cool! >: |
And as you saw in the last pics, I got my nails done by Dipped Nails @ the Nail Bar, which I love soo much! The nail polish hasn't chipped away yet, yay! :D

I defiantly want to attend next yr's Thread Show and I like to say my final Thank You to Mel, for giving me a ticket for the show! :D

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