My Lacey Studded Cross Shirt Idea

4:25 PM

What I'm Wearing:
Top- I got it from the 99 cent store as a plain white tee, to put my design on it.
Socks- Basic socks

On August 25th, I made this shirt as you remember from my last 2 posts,this post & this post and omgod, I had to HAND SEW THE LACE ONTO THE SHIRT! 
I HATE HAND SEWING! I SUCK AT IT! LOL. I can never do a nice straight line, it's annoying. The reason why I had to hand sew, and not use my sewing machine, it's because my mom, who's a pro, told me that the machine will stretch the lace on the shirt, and it won't look good. So she taught me how to hand sew on lace, and started off for me, to show me how it's done, and once I got it, I sewed it on my own. :)  I then added the studs, and man....kind of!  I thought it would be fun and easy, but no! lol. But it was tottallly worth it, all that frustration/annoyance! :D

Once I was done, I tried it on and WAS SOOO HAPPY WITH IT! I now have a new shirt, and it feels sooo GREAT, to make something , instead of goin out to buy clothes! :D I seriously get more excited/happy when I am creating, and trying to sew something I can wear, instead of shopping and buying something, because that happiness lasts for a short time. While making something, you can always look back and smile, because you worked hard on what you created! RIGHT?!  At least that's how I feel. :)

So I got to wear my new shirt idea on Friday the 26th, and was soo happy to wear it, I just felt so comfortable and proud! :D  Anna & I meet up with a family friend @ the Northridge mall, had lunch/dinner with our family friend...though I didn't order anything, because, I wasn't interested in the foods, so I just got coke to drink, lol. Anna had a steak sandwich with some fries, and our family friend had, baked potatoes with cheese and butter I think. After eating we walked around the mall and had loads of convo's with our family friend.  I love her so much, she keeps me positive and hopeful about life. :) I NEED 10 PEOPLE LIKE HER IN MY LIFE! :D  So that was our day, looots of fun/spiritual/interesting convos with our family friend and going in stores and checking out clothes. At night we went home, and I took the rest of the pics from my digi cam. :)

**What do you guys think of my Lacey Studded Cross Shirt?**

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