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Happy New Years guys, and with this I present you....POOP! lol

I've been busy making plushies out of felt, and this emoji all started for a friend, because the poop emoji is their fav so, I wanted for fun to make the poop emoji out of felt and give it to my friend!

This was my first plushie I have made and I love it so much, I'm happy it came out good, and I learned how to do a blanket stitch, thanks to this helpful tutorial :) 
I had so much fun making the pattern, that I was like....why don't I make it downloadable for people to download and that they can make it themselves too! :)
This is just a pretty display of the poop emoji pattern, because I had fun makin it lol.

Once you click on the link, you can download the pattern and it will be in a pdf form and then you can print it out OR you can print it directly from the download link! :)

How to Make The Plushie
1. Cut out the pattern pieces

2. Take 1 piece of the dark colored poop shape and the one lighter colored poop shape, stitch them together, I used a running stitch all around.

3. Now that you have the front of the poop stitched, you wanna add the eyes and mouth and stitch them, I used a running stitch, you can use whatever stitch you want. :)

4. Now you wanna add the stitches of the layers of the poop, by doing a running stitch, use a dark thread or embroidery thread. :)

5. Now time to put the plushie together, by taking the remaining dark poop felt shape (which will be the back side) and the stitched up emoji poop face(front side), you want to make sure they are aligned together, and you wanna now do a blanket stitch all around, but leave a opening, because you are going to add STUFFING! :D

6. If you don't have plushie stuffing (like me), you can use cotton balls.
So just stuff your poop emoji plushie and then continue to blanket stitch until you closed the 2 sides of the plushie! :)

I hope my instructions are easy to understand, I wish I did a video tutorial of this, it would have been a lot more helpful to understand, at least visually. ^^ But there are great basic tutorials on youtube, one of my favs is, Tammy Hallam, she's really easy to understand. :)

I hope you guys like my Poop Emoji Plushie Pattern, if you make it, tag me on instagram @runwithfashion & or twitter @FashionLove3 :)

Hope everyone had a good New Years, and may 2015 be good for everyone! :)


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