What I Loved/Liked From J.Crew's Fall 2011 R-T-W Collection

1:28 AM

My Collage

Left to Right
1. Love the pants and the color of it.
2. LOOVE THIS OUTFIT!! Loove everything the model is wearing! I loove the bag too!! ♥♥♥!!!
3. I LOOOOVE THE BLOUSE!! Love the color and love the draping of right side of the model's shoulder, I also loove the bag, and like the skirt! ♥♥♥!!
4. I LOOOOOOOVE THE AWESOME BAG!!! I WANT IT!! Loove the color and design of it!!! ♥♥♥♥!!

Left to Right
5. LOOVE THE PANTS!! I loove the bow belt, and love the mint green sweater ♥♥♥!!
6. I LOOOVE THE TRENCH COAT AND THE COLOR OF IT!! Love the fit on the sleeves!! Love the bag too! ♥♥♥♥
7. The model is soo cute. ^^
8. Loove the sweater, I love whats on the shoulders. :) ! Love the clutch too!

Left to Right
9. LOOOVE THE COAT!! Love the color, the style of it, and the buttons. :D Love the bag too. ♥♥♥
10. Love the cape, so nice <33 Love the boyfriend jeans too <33
12. Love the nice fitted jeans and the color of it. :)

Left to Right
13. LOOVE THE WHOLE OUTFIT AND THE COLORS OF IT!!! Love the bag to. <3333
14. Looove the sweater. <33
15. LOOVE THE TRENCH COAT!! So cute, love how the bottom of the trench like fans out. So pretty. :)  <33333
16. Loove this dress, very cute and simple! This dress reminds me so much of a similar dress I got from H&M in 2009! O.o lol  Looks JUST LIKE THIS same color, but of course different fabric material. I love he shoes too <333

Want it 
Left to Right
17. LOOVE THE WHOLE OUTFIT!! LOVE EVERYTHING THE MODEL IS WEARING!! So cool! I looove the PANTS!!!  Want it!  Love the zipper at the bottom and the drawstring, it just looks comfy and cool to wear, anyone agree? :)

18. LOOOVE NAVY BLUE COAT!!!  Also love everything model is wearing <333
19. Love the denim shirt, and color of it. :) <333
20. Looove the color of the trousers. <33

21. LOOOOOVE THE MOCCASINS!!! They're soo cuute, I want them!!! <3333

I loove J.Crew, they never bore me, love their simplicity and the colors of their clothing pieces and they really make great SWEATERS!!! LOL! Seriously, I looove their vests and sweaters!! :D

***What do you guys think of this collection?***

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