Last Friday's Outfit + Mall Display Pics

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 I added a double heart charm to my chain ring last week of Thursday, and my nana saw and loooved it!! :D
It was sooo cute her, OOOOOOH! LOL LOL <33333 Sadly when I got home, I was being rushed, and had to take off my ring, and forced the ring of my finger, and DAMMIT! >:| THE CHAIN BROKE!! SOO PISSED!!! >.<  R.I.P. I guess, huh? This is the second time that the chain broke. -.-

*All pics taken by my twin
Little Story Of The Outfit
Last Friday, I wanted to go to the Mango event with my twin in Santa Monica, to meet blogger-Natalie Suarez, from Natalie Off Duty, but we didn't get to go, and I was sooo BUMMED OUT!! :((( So  instead, I went to go see my nana, and this is the outfit I wore to see her. :)  Usually when I go see my nana, I usually wear a clothing article that my mom designed and made when she was young in her late teens to her 20's, because my nana gets so happy to see her work on me :D.
I made the outfit around the knitted top, which was knitted and perfectly done by my mother when she was in her 20's (truly vintage♥♥♥♥! :D). The only thing that bothers me of the outfit, was the shoes.... -.-. I wanted to wear my twin sisters camel color Zara lace ups, but I could not find them, arrghh..... >.<....and quickly decided to just wear my hobbit shoes from blowfish. I just like the colors of camel and red together, think it looks great, and gives off a nice rich look. ***Anyone agree? lol or not?*** :P

Knitted top-My moms
Hobbit Shoes-Blowfish
Chain Ring-I made it

After seeing my nana, my mom, bro, and I went home, and then my mom decided she wanted to go to the mall, so I came along, and wasn't a enjoyable rest-of-the-day-at-the-mall. -.- I didn't buy anything, but I took some cell shots of things I liked at the mall. I haven't shopped at the Sherman Oaks Galleria Mall since last yr, and WOW....LOTS OF NEW CHANGES!! A few new stores opened, didn't get a chance to look at the names. :/ But I did find out of a REALLLY AWESOME CLOTHING STORE and a AWESOME BRAND FOR BAGS!! And I'd like to share them with you guys :)

The awesome new store, Allsaints. GO CHECK IT OUT!!! OH GOD, I INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THE STORE AND THE BRAND!! I LOVED EVERYTHING!! Though my favs, are the SHOES!!!
Why I love the shoes so much?! Because the DESIGNS OF THE SHOES!! I LOOVE IT! VERY DIFFERENT from the other shoes in the mall, and it def. is artsy in my eyes, modern, and yet simple. :) Sadly they're expensive. :/ lol

Here are the shoes I saw and loved in store :)

1.Zealand Damisi Boot (same boots, different views)
2. Damisi Boot(Same boot, different views)
3.Damisi Boot
4.Glitter Frankie Flat
1. Rosalina Heel
2.Omega Heel
3.Pither Heel

Theres a lot more at the site, so do go check it out! :D
***Don't you looove the heels?***

And this is the awesome bag brand, Matt & Nat. LOVE THEIR BAGS!!! 
Was at bloomingdales, and I went over to the bag table, that had a bunch of bags/purses/clutches etc.
And I was looking, and I noticed this bag, and went WHOOOOA!!! I quickly grabbed it, started checking it out, and just  LOOOVED THE BAG!! I was admiring the design of the bag, I reallly wanted it :(
I love the double flaps, with the zipper edges on each one, and each flap, has its own pocket, I LOOOVED THAT!!! The more pockets...THE BETTER! :D lol.
See a close up of this bag at their site

My mom and I liked this bag for my twin, she's in NEED of a bag, lol. :)

LOOVED THE SHORTS! Forgot which store this is :(

Forever 21 Floral Shorts

I went in the store, and only cared to look for those floral shorts, but couldn't find them!!! >.<
I was shocked to see forever 21 is now a 2 level store, and IT GOT SOOO MUCH BETTER! I haven't shopped at forever 21 for like 2 yrs! O.o I think the prices got up a little bit though, because the quality is a little better, they upgraded their game, lol. :D The one thing I don't like about the new look of the store, is the HORRIBLE LAYOUT OF THE STORE!!! EWWW DIDN'T LIKE IT AT ALLL! It's not organized, so I felt like I was going in circles, LOL, and got confused if I already looked at one section, you know? And whats up with the whole store being WHITE?! O.O I mean it's FOREVER 21....BRING IN SOME FUN COLORS!!!  ***Do you guys agree of disagree with the white color of the store?*** I also think, forever 21 consists of SOOOO MANY TOPS!!! ITS CRAZY LOL!!! I love the first level more, it had lots of pretty skirts, floral tops, light knitted vest and tops, just much more feminine and soft. I think the first level had better quality tops/bottoms. I didn't get to check out the accessories, but I did see them from far very quickly. I noticed there's lots of tribal clutches made of beads <3333 and tribal bags. I looved them A LOT and they were bright colors!

Jeffrey Campbell -Lita

I was passing by a shoe store, and did a double look when I saw THE BLACK JC LITA SHOE!! :O
I went and was like.......WHOOOOAAAAA!!! THEY'RE MONSTERIOUS!!!(I know thats not a word)...but that's the FIRST WORD THAT CAME TO MIND WHEN I SAW THE LITA SHOES!! LOL!! I HAD NOOO IDEA, THEY'RE THAT HUGE!! Yes, I was taken back at the SIZE OF THOSE SHOES! O.o  Those shoes, look sooo great on every blogger girl I see, but, now it's like...I can't see myself in those it doesn't fit my shy know? I mean, I LOOOVE THOSE SHOES, but after I saw them....I don't know. lol. I still love those shoes though, and yes, still shocked. LOL Though, I WOULD DEF. TRY THEM ON!! I can't decide on the shoes yet, if it's a yes or no, until I try them, RIGHT?! :D

Liked the outfit oh the manny, so took a pic with my cell.

I LOOOVED THIS CUTE FLORAL STRAPLESS DRESS! Loved the fabric, and the bubbly hem of the dress, super cute! Love this new store! Didn't get to check the name of it, but, loove the clothes, and the quality is better than forever 21, and it's pretty fair pricing/low pricing, which is soo great, because, THEY HAVE GREAT STUFF! :D

I.N.C Shoe In Mens

I LOOVED THIS SHOE! I need to find a sneaker like this for females, if not, I'll just buy a guy's shoe. :D LOL

So, that was my Friday last week.

***Did anyone get to go to the MANGO EVENT  @ Santa Monica, last Friday?***

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