My Diptych Painting - A Story About Art & Fashion

8:30 PM

I wanted to tell a story of where I am right now in my life for my final painting.

My diptych painting, is about Art & Fashion, where in the first panel, it's about ART, I thought when I was a kid, I'd grow up and become an artist, that's what I wanted to do. So I got an old illustration that I did several yrs back and painted it black and white, to represent that it's the past. When I reached my late teens, I started to have an interest for fashion, and I put some grey and some color spilling into the 2nd panel, to show a transition, from the past(the grey), moving to a new interest (the yellow/orangey colors).  I got into fashion illustration, and I actually taught myself fashion illustration, and I started to then challenge myself by coming up with my own fashion ideas/designs. So I painted my OWN  fashion ideas/designs on to the 2nd panel, I even got inspired by a famous artist and did a inspired dress from his painting. I'm sorry guys, but I won't be saying who that artist is and I hid my inspired design with my finger/hand, so no one can see and steal my idea. I hold that design VERY CLOSE TO MY HEART. That inspired artsy dress has A LOOOT OF MEANING & HAS TO DO WITH MY LIFE AND MY PASSION FOR FASHION AND ART!
The artsy dress is supposed to represent fashion and art, it's who I am and even though I love fashion, art will always be a part of who I am but in a different art form. ;)

I drew the figurine to show, that I first learned to draw the female figure and then I
started to draw out my own fashion designs/ideas :)
Some of you guys should be familiar with this dress design, remember this post? ;)
She was a lot of fun to paint, I looved painting the lil cute denim shorts! 
It came out better than I expected! :D Painting fashion is even fun, lol!

I came up with these designs in summer 2009. :)
I would looove to make this skirt
I also came up with this design in summer 09
My actual illustration looks sooo much better than this painting version.
It was hard to have control and to paint a fitted body hugging dress. O.o 

Sooo, I hope you guys love and respect my work/fashion designs and understand my story and a little of who I am. :)


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