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*All pics taken by my twin, except the last four*
:) <3

I wore this outfit last Thursday for a relatives gathering, because my uncle and aunt came from Israel for over the summer! :) I put this outfit together kind of last minute, I had already planned another outfit before, but oh man, I wasn't feeling the outfit anymore, my mood shifted and I wanted to wear something comfortable, casual, and cute, just something easy. And the ONLY THING THAT MADE ME HAPPY WAS MY NEW TOP!!! :D!! I recently bought it early may at SWAP MEET!! :D THAT'S RIGHT, SWAP MEET!! WHAT A LIL GEM!! I LOOVE THE TOP SOOOO MUCH, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! I was drawn to the top, by the blue color and the super cute apple print, the neckline, and THE SUPER CUTE APPLE BUTTONS!!! When I saw the buttons, I pretty much was like....OH MY GOD....I'M SOLD!!! LOL. I'm a sucker for cute buttons. :P It is DEF. MY FAV PURCHASE OF THE YR!! <333
The brand is called Mine... and my twin and I googled it the other day, and FOUND THE SITE!! YAYY!! 
*Check out Mine...! Look at the lookbooks, my twin sister and I LOOOOVED EVERY PIECE FROM THE LOOKBOOK!!! The clothings are soft as well as the prints on the clothings, cute, and feminine, which fits my style PERFECTLY! :D If that's your style, YOU SHOULD DEF. CHECK IT OUT!! OH, and I saw some tops from the lookbook, that I saw in swap meet! <3333 
So yeah, I decided to wear my new top, and I felt soo happy, comfy and cute in it, that I style the outfit  around my top! :D I love that the knitted cardi gave a soft look to the top and I think it goes well with it! :D  Now the only thing that is missing from my outfit is a cool long necklace, I was picturing a birdie cage, a birds wing, or a heart shaped locket.

On to what I m wearing:
Top Mine...
Knitted Cardi - Old Navy
Skinnys - Jolt
Oxfords - Zara
Nail Polish - L'oreal - Ocean Breeze (got it @ swap meet for ONLY $1!!!  <3333)

**Question: Have any of you put an outfit together before hand, and later decided you're not into the outfit anymore, because your mood changed? jw :)

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