Pretty In Peachy Pink

6:28 PM

I always wanted to be on the red carpet, LOL! <333

It was fun taking pics on the red carpet, I reallly looved the outside place of the wedding reception, was reallly nice. <3333

My new Fossil bag, IT'S SOO ADORABLE!! <33

I'm slow dancing with my dad. 

I love this picture, because of the movement of my dress. :D

**All pics taken by my twin sister <3**

My cousins wedding was on Saturday, May 28th, and this is the dress I wore, that my mom and I made. Remember my illustration of the 2nd wedding dress idea post? Well, WE MADE IT!!! :D My mom mainly did the hard work, and I hand beaded the neckline. My mother took the pattern of the top from a blouse I have, and instead of putting white pearls on the neckline, we went with lace, beads and sequences, because my mom said that the color of the pearls will come off over time. She showed me how to hand bead the correct way, and I messed up a few times, and lol she made me undo what I already beaded, because, I beaded it too tightly. But I later got the hang of it, and oh boy, it was a lot of work, and my neck, and upper shoulders were hurting, but at the same time I enjoyed hand beading! :) For the bottom half of the dress, the skirt part, since it was from a previous dress, it was long, and all we had to do was shorten it, and my mom added some puff under the dress, so the skirt can stand a little. :) For the bow, we first were going to put it at the side of the dress, but we started playing around with it, and moved it to the middle. We both like the bow on the side and in the middle, and we both couldn't make our minds up lol, so we asked my twin, and she too, didn't know which she liked more, but later she said she liked the middle, because it brought the dress together, and my mother and I agreed. So I told my mom, that I want it in the middle, because, it's different for the bow to be in the middle, than the typical side bow dresses, and my mom agreed too, so we went with the middle bow! :D
My mother worked REEEAALLY HARD ON THE DRESS, AND IT'S PROFESSIONALLY DONE!! She worked on it like the last 3 weeks of may, and my mother is a perfectionist! When she was making it, and she sewed the neckline, and she didn't like what she sewed, she undid it, and re-sewed it till it was PERFECT and the way she wanted it! She actually hated making the dress, because it was hard to make, lol. She said it was the hardest dress she EVER SEWED!! lol. But hey, hard work pays off, and she was proud and happy when she was done, and I got to wear it. :D

When I went to my cousins wedding, I felt really confident, happy, comfortable, and that I was wearing a dress of my idea!! :D Throughout the whole night I got a loooot of compliments on my dress, and  made some   heads turn, hahaha it was AWESOME!!! :D This one woman in the ladies restroom, said she loooved the dress soo much, that when she first saw me walk into the room of the wedding reception, she said that the dress reminded her of AUDREY HEPBURN!!! OHHH MY GOD!!!! WOOOW!! I WAS LIKE :O OH WHOAA...COOOL, I LOOVE AUDREY HEPBURN!! LOL! I didn't expect to hear that, that was cool. :D  I Looove this dress soo much, I'M NEVER GOING TO TRASH IT OR GIVE IT AWAY!! NEVER!!! I'm gonna keep it till I'm old and wrinkly, LOL. :D <333 THANK YOU MOM!! :*

For the wedding, I had a alright time, I'm not much of a party person, except rock concerts <333, anything
 like weddings and family parties, I always find it boring. :P lol. The wedding was boring, I danced for a bit with my dad. We first did a slow dance, and OH MY GOD...I have like nooo rhythm for SLOW DANCING, EWWWWW!!! LOL! At one point, I tried taking the lead, BECAUSE IT WAS SOO BLAH AND BORING FOR ME, AND I WANTED TO GO FASTER!! LOL! Later into the night, we danced again to faster up beat music, which was great for me, but at the same time, didn't dance so well or enjoyed it, because I had rotten heels on, lol. I bought the heels before the wedding, and omgod, it gave me hell through out the WHOLE DAY!!! >.< I never in my life experienced BAD HEELS LIKE THAT SHOE!! UGH!! It hurted my feet everywhere!! And get this, it was a size 6, and I'm 7.5, and the shoe was a little big on me (I know so weird), so when I was dancing with my dad, I was afraid, I was going to have a Kristie Alley moment of her in Dancing With The Stars, of where her shoe came off, and LOL, MY SHOE DID COME OFF!! LOL! But while dancing, I managed to get my foot back in the shoe, :).
Good news, I returned those rotten shoes on Sunday! W000T! :D
Other than the dancing, my cousins wedding cake WAS THE BOOOMB!!! LOL! THE BEST WEDDING CAKE I EVER ATE IN A WEDDING OUT OF ALL THE WEDDINGS I HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN THE PAST! My twin and I wanted more, lol, but I was shy to ask for more. -.-

I guess that's all I have to say about the wedding, because I don't know what else to say, lol.

 What I'm Wearing:
Dress-My idea, but mom mainly made it.
Shoes-Marc Fisher

*P.S.: I have more pics to post this week, soo STAY TUNED! <33
And for all the lovely comments from my last few posts, I will get back to you guys, when I get the time. :)

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