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Soo this post belongs to the last post of Downtown LA. I wanted to make a separate post, because I want to talk about two awesome stores my twin & I found in LA while fabric shopping with our family. :D

While, leaving a fabric store,  my twin and I passed the VIRGO store, and as I was passing by it, I was looking at the store, and I got really interested, because the store just looks different from all the other stores in LA. So, my twin and I had to check out the store. I go in, and WOOOOW!!!! THIS VIRGO STORE IS SUCH A TREASURE!!! It like defined LA STYLE! Just cool, easy pieces to mix & match, have fun with, and simple, and really just laid back coolness! I was looking everywhere! I felt like I was in a candy store, I couldn't decide what or where I wanted to look at first, clothes, accessories, or the shoe section! I kept going back from looking at vintage bags to clothes and shoes! I saw leather shorts, leather studded jackets, floral pieces, loose fitted tanks, vintage bags of light brown leather, a bit worn off the leather, and some with Navajo woven prints on them. What I mainly looked at were the shoes! :D
I found cute light brown combat boots, and I also saw AWESOME WEDGE SHOES!!! There was a black wedge shoe, a red one, a white one, and myyy fav a black and white one! I kept looking at the wedges and thinking to myself, gee....they look sooo familiar...hmmmm. So I picked up the black and white wedge shoe and just stared at it! LOL I WANTED THE SHOOOOE!!! >.<  I later found out, that it was....*drum rolls*....JEFFERY CAMPBELL SHOES!!!!! 
OH MY GOD............*DIES*

I have been staring online since last yr at Jeffery Campbell shoes, and just instantly fell in LOOVE WITH ALLL OF THE SHOES!!! JUST SOOO GOOD!!! And I wondered to myself, where are the shoes being sold at in LA?! I didn't think I'd ever see them in person, and let alone actually hold them in my hands. lol
Yeah, so I guess, you can say, DREAM COME TRUE! LOL :D
I have no idea why Jeffery Campbell didn't ring a bell in my head, when I was wondering WHYYY THEY LOOK SOO FREAKIN FAMILIAR!! 
I was distracted by the beauty and the awesomeness of that shoe, that my brain wasn't working! lol
I was looking at the shoe in complete awe, and it's like the shoe was a celebrity, lol.
Can I say...SHOE STAR STRUCK?! :)

I would like to say one more thing about Jeffery Campbell shoes....
they are like Christian Louboutin shoes for me. :D
Won't you agree?
All of the J.C shoes are just soo good, like C.L. shoes. :)

Ah...there it is, the black and white wedge shoe. ♥

Here are some links on the store VIRGO, check it out!
^ - That's their blog check it out! :)

^- That's their etsy store.
I personally think they have better stuff in store.

*Do any of my followers or anyone who looks at my blog, do any of you own a J.C. shoe?
And if so, which one?
*If you don't own any like mio, which J.C. shoe would you wish you owned?
The whole collection?!
LOL  ;)

So, if you want to come to LA, you MUST CHECK OUT THE STORE VIRGO!!
You will not be disappointed! :)

Cinema is right next to Virgo, I didn't get to check out the store, but I did see a glimpse of it, and it got my interest, because I saw lots of accessories, and shiny things, lol. There's also clothing there too.

I couldn't find much info on cinema, but here's a review on of Cinema.

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