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9:43 PM

Lately I have been wanting lipsticks in the shades of pink and red. My skin tone is fair, sooo pink shades look great on me, but more of light pink, nothing too bright, which actually suuuucks! I looove fun bright colors, and damn, everything I love, it doesn't look good on me. :(  I reallly want a fun pink shade almost like a bubblegum pink, and well...there is HOPE! lol, I did some research and found out some nice fun pink shades from MAC for fair skin tones.

So here they are:
I realllly would love to get Snob, I saw pics on google images, and love how it looks on the lips, a fun pink color. But when I went to the MAC store earlier this month, I don't know, it looked a bit bright? Like a pinky purplish color? I don't know. I'm confused. O.o

Pink Plaid
This color looks sooooo great on Denni from Chic Muse
So now I'm rethinking of this color, because it looks great on her, but some fair skinned girls say it works for them while others say it doesn't. :/

Creme Cup

Hug Me
I'm interested in Hug me as well, I read the reviews, most girls with fair skin love it, so I might get this one.

Love this color, I think it's a sweet pink.

Shy Girl
I really like shy girl, it looks like a nice light pink color to wear everyday.

I haven't done much research bout Hue, but some girls say it looks good on fair skin tones.

That's the pink shades I'm interested in, buuut I'm leaning more towards, Snob, Angel, Shy Girl and Hug Me.
I don't know which ONE pink shade I'm going to get, I'm def. going to ask for MAC professional help @ the MAC store, next time I go. :)

As for the red lip stick colors, I just want 1 red color, a nice classic red lipstick.

I fell in love with Hourglass - Icon, while I was at Sephora on Saturday.
I was with my cousin, and she zips around while shopping, soo I didn't get to really check out the color, but oh man, once I saw the nice red color, I was just.... mesmerized! The beautiful red color just sucked me in, and I couldn't get my eyes off of it! So I went home and googled the color shade, and wooooow, looots of girls love that color, but's 30 bucks! :(   *sighs*  If I wasn't on a budget, I'd totally get it. haha

Raven looks like a reallly nice red color. 

If any of our readers have fair skin, and have any of these lip stick colors tell me your opinions in the comment box below! Would love to know what you think. :D


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