Fashion Illustration Friday!

8:00 AM

Hi guys!
Can't believe it's Friday! 
Yesterday I thought it was I'll blame it on being busy, and not noticing the days passing by, lol.
Anyways, here are my illustrations, they were actually supposed to be last weeks Friday illustrations, but I gave Anna (my twin sister) a chance to make a outfit post, so I saved these illustrations for this Friday :)

Teeheehee ;)
A illustration I did of a girl I saw on instagram, and loved this picture of her, I thought it was uber cute and I thought it would be fun to draw it! :D So cute right?!

Mediums: Ink, acrylics & watercolors 

I did another illustration of a model for Stylenanda, a Korean fashion brand (my fav )
Here is the reference picture

Mediums: ink, acrylic, gouache & watercolors

I hope you guys like my illustrations for this week! ;)


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