Inspiration Board: DIY OMBRE!

11:53 PM

Inspiration Board : OMBRE TREND

Hi guys!
A unexpected post today! :D
Earlier on the day, I was thinking of finishing up a DIY denim pouch that I did last yr, buuut....never finished making it! Some where around June, I bleached more of the denim, and today, I washed the denim from the clorax, and then BOOM! I STARTED GETTING NEW IDEAS for the unfinished denim pouch! :D

I'm going to make a Ombre denim pouch, and I started thinking of what color I'd want to use.
So, I googled images, & at first, I wanted pink or purple, but I was leaning more on the pink side. But that quickly changed after I saw this Neon Ombre Blazer  on this Lookbook chick and then I knew THAT'S THE COLOR I WANT! :D lol  How could I forget about that color, neon yellow, and yellow is my fav color! I betrayed it by thinking of PINK!  >.< lol

So yeah, I want my denim pouch to be in neon yellow ombre, hopefully it comes out good like in my mind lol, and I want to add some silver circle studs to it, annnnnnnd maybe something else, that I can't say, just yet! ;)

Hopefully I can do this sooon! :D

Just wondering....Has ANYONE used a NEON DYE?!
If so what BRAND?

Cuz, I'm thinking of getting RIT DYE, but in order to get that neon yellow color I want, I have to mix to or 3 RIT DYES to get it. Has anyone ever used Lemon yellow and or Lemon Lime?

Tell me prettty please how neon yellow the colors, I just mentioned above are :D

Thank you so muuch in advance!


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