Fishtail Braids

11:46 PM

Last week, I tried to make a fishtail on my own hair, after watching a tutorial on youtube.
Sadly, it didn't work, and it was hard to see what I was doing, or how the braid was turning out, because my hair is black and I had layer strands sticking out, annnnd it seems my hair isn't long enough to do a fishtail braid. :(  I was getting frustrated with my hair, that even having damped hair, DIDN'T WORK!! >.<  
So the other day, I noticed Anna had her looong hair out in a ponytail, and I started doing the fishtail braid on her hair, and OMGOD! SHE IS SOOOO LUCKY TO HAVE LONG HAIR! LOL.  It looked great and cool on her, but again, since she has black hair, the braid is hard to see. :/ That's the only sucky part, I think fishtail braids look sooo great on people who have lighter color hair, because one can see the braid. Don't you think so? I think it's easier on the eye. :) 

I had to take a pic of her fishtail braided hair. :)

And on Saturday I also tried the fishtail braid on my mom, lol, and it worked, looked pretty cute on her. :)

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