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A collage I did on paint, was fun. :D
My fav dress, is the yellow one, I love it so much, it just pops out, I love the ruffles and yellow is my fav color! :D
I love the collection, I loove all those ruffles on the dresses. Sadly, I won't be getting my hands on any of them :/ It's expensive for me. -.-

These are all the clothes I love/like from the Lanvin for H&M collection.

1. I love the idea of the shirt, mainly around the neckline, soo cute!  $49.95

2. Love the colors, the ruffles at the top part of the dress, and love the layers on the bottom part. $199

3. Cute dress, love the sheer(?) skin tone color, with the jewel stones on it, just a cute simple dress. $199

4. LOOOVE THE FABRIC!!! It just says FUUUN TO IT, at least to me! :D I just love everything about the dress! ♥ $199

5. I love asymmetric dresses, I love all the work on the top area of the dress. $199

6. MY FAAAAV!!!  The color captures my eye, also the black belt. Because if it didn't have the black belt, and it was just yellow, I don't think it would have gotten my attention that much. And I love the ruffles, as I said before. :) $199

7. Love this, love the color, & love the ruffles at the sides of the dress, it's just pretty when you move around in the dress, because the ruffles are loose and it moves along in movement ♥. $199

8. I don't know what they're called, but it looks like flower petals on the dress. $149

9. Love the fur vest, love the type of the fur and the silk or satin fabric around the neckline & down the vest. $99
10.Love this dress, though, I don't know if I like the fabric much, it looks a little cheap? But I love the folds of the dress, I love the design of it. :) $199

11. I like the dress, it kind of gives off a 80's feel to me, the shoulders/arms area. $99

12.Love the fur and the color of it. The fur coat gives off a military inspired feel, I think it's the buttons? 
When my twin saw the fur coat, she said, "OH MY GOD! points @ the coat and says with excitement, "I LOOVE THAT!! I could just sleep in it!" LOL!!! I LOOVE MY TWIN! She's so cute & funny. :D ♥ $199

13. LOOVE THIS SKIRT!! I love the white skirt better than the black one, because with the white, you can easily see the folds on the skirt. Just so beautiful to me. :) $59.95

What I love from the Runway Show. :)
I love this, love the brown bow on top of the dress
 Love the dress, and the cheetah tights!
 Love her hair! ♥
 Love the dress, tights, and the necklace♥
 Loooove the tights!! ♥♥♥
 Love this, love how they stylized the outfit♥
 This is a lil too much for me, but I LOOVE HER HAIR! ♥
The model's face kind of reminds me of Betsey Johnson. 
Loooove the coat, soo nice.♥

I absolutely loove this dress!! Love the material, and the layers of ruffles ♥
Love the models hair, and shimmery tights!♥

This is kick ass, my twin and I should dress alike like this, god I need to get black shades. -.-
Love how everything is styled with the 2 dresses♥

This outfit rocks! Love the fur vest♥♥♥
love the tights as well, and the models hair is AWESOME!! 

Wheres the black waist belt? O.o
That fur coat looks soo nice! I love the models face♥

This model doesn't look to happy, right? 
Maybe because she's Miss H&M? LOL, jking. :D

Love the pants.


Love the dress, and how its stylized.

Loove this, love the shoes♥

How cute

This is rockin! I loove everything! :D


I love this, love everything!♥

How cute, I just want to pinch him! lol♥

I looved the runway show, it was fun, colorful, young, and looved that the models played a character! :D OOOOOhhhh I also LOOVED THE MUSIC! oh my god, I must have that SONG! 
Would anyone know who's the music artist?

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