Barbie wears the BEST of Lady Gaga's Outfits of 2010!

12:36 AM

I just heard the news and saw the pics of Barbie being dressed in Lady Gaga's best outfits of 2010, and I quickly googled about it,  found the pics, and I HAD TO MAKE A POST ABOUT IT!! :D
So, ENJOY!  ♥

Barbie as: Cher & Lady Gaga in the meat dress @ the Mtv VMA's
WOW! The meat dress, is actually made of RAW MEAT!!! 
And the shoes are of raw meat too, and it's wrapped with dental floss! 
How cool. :D

Barbie's version of when Gaga went to her younger sisters high school graduation.

Barbie wears a mini dress of  real human hair extensions.

The Larry King Interview with Lady Gaga
(Her shades make her look like she has a uni-brow, lol)

Barbie's version of Lady Gaga for Telephone

Barbie's version of a scene from the video, Telephone.
Love the ciggy shades! :D

Barbie is badass, hahaa.

Look it's HONEY B!
I love that she has actual lashes, I think Barbie Gaga should have actual lashes too, 
I mean, it's only fair. :D lol. 
Don't you think so too? (Whoever looks at my blog. :) )

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