My Spring Wish Closet!

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Hey guys! I finallllly got some free time to blog, yayyy! I've been busy with school, like I have never ever experienced such a busy life, to the point of not having time to watch some tv, txt/call my close friends and I get little sleep too! >.< I'm always busy completing my art projects, though I am on instagram a looot, it's just fast and easy access, and you guys can see my art projects on there, see what I'm up too, if you're interested :)

But enough of that! Lets talk SPRING shall we?! :D
I put this polyvore set in February, because I couldn't wait for consistent warmer days lol, and couldn't wait to wear summerish, colorful, light weight, fun clothes, and a few things I am craving, wanting, needing and wishing for!
My Spring Wish Closet!
1. Wedge Sneakers - Every since the Isabel Marant wedge sneaks came out, I have been in love with them  and want to own a wedge sneaker! I know I won't ever have the Isabel Marant sneaks, so I want a sneaker that's pretty close to the original sneaker. I've seen a lot of wedge sneakers, since last fall, and well, I don't like most of them, because they all look so girlish, I want a wedge sneaker that really gives off that tomboyish look/feel, you know? So, THANKFULLY, I found a few sneakers online, while doing some obsessive research one late night, lol, that look pretty close to the Isabel Marant sneaks and I'd love to have one of the shoes, sooon....I hope! Here are my choices, Candie's (want this one!!!!), loooove the Steve Madden version and this one is pretty cool by Heart Soul Iona Wedge Sneaker Oh and mind you guys, I have never ever bought a knock off, this would be my first time, if I got the similar wedge sneaks.

2. Sheer Button-downs -Button downs, button downs! I can't get enough of them, and I need some nice ones for like whenever I go somewhere that I need to look somewhat formal. And I have been wanting sheer button downs since last summer, I just love sheer, so feminine :)
From Left to Right :  Sleeveless blouse, Long Sleeve blouse (sadly it's sold out, here's a similar one), V-neck Blouse, 3/4 Sleeve Blouse 

3. Chambray Button-downs - Mooore button downs! :D These are a STAPLE in my closet! They're def. a need, because I've loved them as a teenager, and still love them to this day! They're just so practical, and you can wear them in so many ways, you can wear them for all seasons, they're layer-able annnnd, they're just awesome! lol I mean really, they save me from the days of, "I-don't-know-what-to-wear!" 
From Left to Right: Light Wash Denim Shirt, Dark Wash Denim Shirt Sleeveless Denim shirtCheckered Mint Green Shirt (My mom surprised me the other day and she bought me the pink version, pink or green, I'm happy either way, the pink is pretty cute and I can't wait to wear it! :D Thanks mom )

4. Flats -  I still want and need flats :/ I need them in black, red and a nice tan/brown color, just so I can wear it with almost anything in my closet. :)                                
               a. Tory Burch (Similar, Similar, Similar)
               c. Steve Madden (SimilarSimilar, SimilarSimilar, These are cute)
               d. Luxury Rebel  (Similar, Similar, Similar)
               e. Frye (Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar)

5. Bags - Love these bags, but I don't really want them, thought, I'd like to own a messenger bag, but for school :)
Left to RightPoppie Jones Belted Flap Mini Shoulder Bag(Sadly it's sold out!)
                      Minnetonka El Paso Cross Body Bag  
                      Lauren Ralph Lauren (Sadly this too is sold out :/ )        

And the rest are for decorative reasons, because I dream of owning a closet like this, in a boutique style, so I had fun and enjoyed making this set, and would like to make more of these in the future! :D OH! And speaking of closets.....I want to share with you guys a pretty awesome virtual closet app in the next few posts, I don't know when I'll do the post, because I rarely have free time, but I hope soon! :)

 Hope you guys enjoyed this post, as I enjoyed makin it! :)


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