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I received a eye shadow palette from BA Star through Brandbacker to do a review/article
BA Star is a make up company directed towards cheerleaders, dancers, actors, pretty much anyone who's a performer, and they are #1 for performance make up!
So since it's make up for performers, it has the performance look, the glitters and the shine!
Most of BA Star's make up products are glittery, nice and fun vibrant colors, but even thought BA Star's make up is directed towards performers, I feel, that some of their make up products can be used for ever day, like their shadow palettes. There are four shadow palettes on their site, they come in, Natural, Smoky, Pretty N Pink, and True Blue. All four shadow palettes have a middle tone color, a shadow color and a highlight color, along with two gel glitters
But for an everyday look, you can use the three tone colors, the highlight, the middle tone and the shadow. You can do a simple day or night look using those three tone colors, or you can only wear one or two colors on your eyes for an everyday look. 

I received the Natural Shadow Palette, which comes in 5 colors, the first 3 are mineral shadows in, Bronze, Cocoa and Nude and 2 Gel glitters in, Gold and Crystal. The palette also comes with a double applicator, a brush side and a sponge side. 

I had a lot of fun testing out/playing with the eye shadows, and what I noticed when I applied the shadows on my lids,
It went on smoothly and that they were soft in touch and while applying them on
They are pretty easy to blend, which is nice.
They are shiny and a bit shimmery. 
The staying power is pretty good, I wore my eye shadow look for several hours, and it stayed in tact towards the end, and I was pretty shocked, because I sadly have oily lids, but thankfully the eye shadows didn't ware off, which is really nice and plus I don't even own a primer! So that has to say something! ;)

The only 2 things I didn't like of the natural eye shadow palette, was that,
- The cocoa color wasn't as dark as I expected it to be, I do love my dark's to be dark, and it wasn't that pigmented. So I had to layer the cocoa a few times to get a dark brown color going, but it wouldn't get dark, which was actually frustrating. :/ 

- The 2nd thing I didn't like was the double applicator. I just don't see how you can get any good use out of it. I didn't use the double applicator at all, I used my e.l.f. eye shadow C brush to pack the shadows on and then used my ring finger to blend. And lastly, used a cotton swab for final smoothing out the eye shadow look. 

Here are the swatches,

And here is my eye shadow look,

I tried to do a smoky brown eye shadow look

(With flash)
And I had to do one eye using the Gold gel glitter.
It was pretty easy to glide it on my eye lid, though I used a short angle brush to apply the gel glitter.

(Without flash)

I really enjoyed and had fun testing this eye shadow palette out, at first I was reallly nervous, but once I played around with it, I was like this is fun!!! :D So I'd like to do this again, if I get another chance. :)

And lastly, BA Star is offering a 50% Discount to you guys, enter the code, BBSMOKY  at  the check-out, and hope you enjoy your purchase and the discount! :D


This post is powered by Brandbacker, and I wasn't paid to do this post, I only got the palette as a sample, and all words, and opinions are of my own. 

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