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6:05 PM

Hey guys! :D
I wanted to show what I have been doing the past weekend for my illustration class. I made my own zine, although it's a COLORING BOOK ZINE! :D 
My zine is based on current fashion trends, so this issue will be on what's trending for Fall'14, from off the runway and also a section on what FASHION BLOGGERS are wearing this fall! ;D
My zine will be completely hand drawn, I was inspired by the 1920's Sears Catalogs, where everything was all hand drawn in black and white and I always thought that was cool and wanted to do that one day, so here is that one day! ;)
I'm not entirely finished with my coloring book zine, there's still a lot to do with it, or I feel like there is, I'm still figuring things out, design wise with zines. 
These illustrations are ALL HAND DRAWN, cut out and taped on to my card-stock zine. 
I picked out my fav fashion designs from each trending category, there is still some other trends I gotta draw out, but yeah this is what I have so far. :)
Trends for Fall'14 from Left to Right:
Normcore - Hermes & Joseph 

Fur - Akris
Military style - Balmain & Isabel Marant
60's style - Louis Vuitton & Gucci
Color Block / Rave - Jeremy Scott

Sheer & Lace - Elie Saab & Alberta Ferretti

When I'm completely done with my coloring book zine, I would love to have it published, I'm thinking probably going both ways of digitally and having the zine copy in your hands, so you can color the traditional way! ;)

*Would you love to color my work?!*
Let me know in the comments below!


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