My Best Memory of 2014!

11:34 PM

DVBBS were the opening act for Laidback Luke, and they were WILD AND ENERGETIC!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM, THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN! :D
At one point while DVBBS were playing, it got sooo fuckin hott that EVERYONE WAS SWEATING! And I'm talking bout like heavy sweating, as if it was RAINING! LOL
I had drips of sweat fall from my forehead, overall my face was super sweaty LOL, and my SHIRT WAS SOAKED! I couldn't believe how wet my shirt was lol. Also as I was jumping to DVBBS, I felt something go down my legs and I'm like, "WTF IS ON MY LEGS?!" I reached for my legs and whoa lol, sweat was dripping! Yeah so I was drenched in sweat from head to legs, it was soo weird and shocking of how HOT IT GOT!
I looked around me, and everyone's faces were sweating, like it was so visible, I was like... :O oh my god....phew I'm not the only one LOL, haha. :P
But I cooled off, I think when Laidback Luke started his set. :)

Laidback Luke was a lot more chill, and I finally understood why everyone loves him when he plays live. I felt his down-to-earth presence? The way he plays his sets, he's so lovable lol, he threw up the heart hand symbol through out playing and I don't know, I just love how he interacts with the audience, it's so cute! lol :)
He was also very versatile in his music choices, he played some of his songs, I WAS SO HAPPY HE PLAYED MUFASA! I love that song from him! He played a classic dance song from the 90's, Robin S, that he remixed, soooo gooood, kid cudi - Pursuit of Happiness, some hip hop (thankfully he played hip hop, lol, everyone was chill, and I got to re-gain my energy lol), he shocked me by playing my new fav artist of 2014, KIESZA!! HIDEAWAY! I was sooo happppy when he played that song, and what realllly surprised me was when he played LINKIN PARK!  (LP was my fav band as a teenager so, yeah it GOES WAY BACK FOR ME), and it was AWESOME TO HEAR AND SING ALONG TO, IN THE END, it def. brought back nostalgic feelings and memories. :)

Laidback Luke is so down to earth, he signed his signature on the glow in the dark paint "wall" :D 
I had to take a picture of his signature and of me next to his signature, IT'S ONCE IN A LIFE TIME, AND I'LL NEVER HAVE THIS CHANCE AGAIN! :D

I don't know what's goin on with my bottom lip... O.o I did not see that discoloration while transferring pics from my ipod to pc. O.o
I didn't eat the paint

OH BTW, I made the shirt, I DIY'd it, I made a stencil of the Laidback Lukes hands and made up the typography, I'm proud to say I designed the typography, I heart it so much!  
I painted the shirt in glow in the dark fabric paint! :D I had fun with it :D
But too bad, the shirt didn't glow :(, there was too much light at the show, in order for it to glow, it needs to be pitch black :( darn. 

Shorts- Jalate (Nordstrom Rack, old)
Socks - no brand
Sneakers - Converse in black leather (another oldie but goodie :) )

I had to do some body paint art on myself, I told myself, it's gonna be your last BIG SHOW @ CSUN, so go and have fun and don't live in regret, so yeah, what I always wanted to do, paint myself at a outdoor music event :D 
Hippie artsy style (sorta) in florescent paint :D 


Laidback Luke :)

T'was a wonderful night to remember, and it shall be missed oh so much!


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