OPA! (Part 1)

4:51 AM

Very comfy, and soft, laying on the grass! <3333

Twin & I <33

My twin and I skipping around @ the greek festival :D lol 

What I'm wearing:
Jacket-Urban Outfitters

Went to the Greek festival on Sunday, May 29th with my mom, dad, twin and met up with our cousin and her parents. My family and I used to go to the Greek festival every since my sibs and I were kids, and I remember as a child, there were mainly adults there and it wasn't so diverse. But, now it's diverse, and there's a lot of teenagers and young adolescents there, as well as older people, but just a lot more youngsters. I was really amazed, I guess you would say, of how it changed. It's pretty cool. :)

For my outfit, I really wanted to wear my denim shorts, but damn, the weather was really windy and cold, so I wore my skinnys instead. You know My Future Outfit Illustration post? Well, I couldn't find the red/pinky floral top, but I had another floral tank, and used it as a substitute. :D My hairdo, I wanted something new and I was tired of my usual boring do, so I played around with my hair, and this is what I came up with. It doesn't really fit my face, but oh well, at least I tried. :)

The festival was alright, got a little bored, so twin and I wanted to have some fun, and get away from the family to go and take outfit pics for the blog. :D We had a lot of fun taking the pics, and we loooved the grass! It's comfy to lay in or sit, just very fun! <333

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