My Colorful Skulls!

4:17 PM

Hi guys!
I made these skulls yesterday, well, I only made 5, and this morning I made 4 more! I was soo excited, that I wanted to show you guys, what I have been up too! The skulls aren't baked yet, I'm going to make a bunch more and then just bake them all at once! :D I plan on putting the skulls on a chain bracelet as lil skull charms and or on a chain necklace or even dangling skull earrings...I'll see how things go. :)

The skull with the bow is def. one of my fav's!  
 And the whole skull came out really good, I'm happy with it. :D

  One of the green skulls are glittered and the other isn't.


Tell me what you guys think!


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