Twin Love

8:42 PM

Both bows have glitter on them, though you can't really see it on the red bow,
but you can see a glitter on the lavender bow. :)

I made this conjoined skulls for myself, because it's supposed to represent being a TWIN!
I love my twin, so I made 2 skulls conjoined together, and I showed it to Anna, and she really loved the idea! :D I will be making another one for Anna, so we can both wear our conjoined twin skull rings together! Whooop, whooop, represent! :D lol
 I will be making more of these, and will be selling them. :)
And I just thought of it now, it could also represent BBF! :) Right?! :D

And I'd like to say THANK YOU for everyone who commented on my last post, it truly meant a lot to me! You're comments are such a HUUUGE support, and I THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!


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