A Quick Update!

4:18 AM

From left to right: My finished Interior Space painting, Landscape painting, 2nd Portrait Painting, and lastly, my 2 panel final paintings (that I'm currently working on)! :D 

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating the blog with new posts, but I have been super busy with my oil painting class, painting everyday!  Since my last post, I have been busy painting, I literally just wake up eat, wash up and lock myself up in the art room and just do my paintings until the weee hours in the morning, and start allll over the next day! I have been doing that for the past 2 weeks and including this week, so I really had no time to post. :(
But today I found some time to do a update post, yayyy! :D I'm currently doing my FINAL PAINTING which is due June 1st, and I hope it will turn out DOPE (that's my expectation, haha)! :D  I'm verrry excited about it, and can't wait to SHOW YOU GUYS!  Def. my fav painting I have done so far ;D 

In the pic, I'm showing you guys a sneak peek at my final painting and also other paintings I did, while I was away from the blog. :)

And comment back to everyone that commented on my last post! :D 
Hope everyone's doing alright :D

Until then, cya! 


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