My Finished Interior Space Painting

12:55 AM


I spent soo many hours on this floor, trying to fix the shadows, ugh hated it.

I also spent a lot of time on these shadows as well.

Oh this was the stair step, the brown part at the bottom of this pic. :)

Hey guys, I'm back to blogging and I'm happy about that :), my oil painting class finished on Friday, June 1st, so now I have plenty of free time and I can now show you all my paintings I have done for my class, that I couldn't post for the past few weeks, because of how busy I was, doing those paintings. ^^

If you guys remember in this post , the painting was unfinished and it took me 3 days and a bit of the next day to complete. The night before it was due, I stayed up all night and until the weee hours in the morning like 6am lol to finish up the painting and the details. I only got half an hour of sleep, got up and got ready for my class.
So I worked very hard on this painting and I thought it would be easy to paint, but no, it was actually frustrating a bit. I had trouble with the shadows on the ground, I painted from light to dark......which is a big mistake, thankfully I fixed the shadows, but I still wasn't pleased with how they turned out, but it did look way better than before :P, the shadows just seem a bit funny looking O.o.  But I doo looove the shadows on the wall near the ART sign and the ceiling, it came out good. :)
My fav part of the painting was painting the TREE! At first I had no idea of how to paint the tree, but then while painting it in a rather slow way lol, I started to just dab on paint, just mount paint over paint, like impressionism, it was really fun and obviously fast! :D

I think that's all I have to say about this painting, and I FINALLLLY GOT AN A and it was on this painting! :D
Oh and since I'm done with my college, this is a nice painting to have, I realized last wk, while reflecting on my thoughts about my oil painting class and alll the art classes I took, how I'm going to take a piece of memory of the ART building home with me. Lots of memories were spent at the Art building with my twin, we used to hang around there, eat our snacks/lunch, do our hw, etc. So, it's a nice gift for myself and for the study room of where it's going to be hanged. :)


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