My Finished Portrait Painting

6:32 PM

I know one eye is bigger than the other :/ lol

Remember how I told you guys in this post, how I might start all over or not on my portrait painting? Welll...I started over with a new canvas, because I was not happy with the first "me portrait".  It didn't look like me, and when I came home, my mom and sister were all like, "THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE YOU!" LOL My sister was like mad, and she said, "That's U-G-L-Y, and you're E-L-I-Z-A!" LMAO! She's soo funny and cute, I love her :D
So anyways, I started over, and worked on this painting for 4 days and we weren't allowed to use pictures to paint our faces, we had to use a mirror, and for this painting we used a limited palette in the colors of Titanium WhiteUltramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt SiennaYellow Ocher, and no black, we had to make our own black. 
I worked very hard on this painting, and it was REALLLY FRUSTRATING! To the point, that I almost released my anger on to the, by wanting to just poke a hole with my paintbrush. :P I absolutely hated doing my portrait, I had problems with the skin tone, neck area and omgod, who knew the lips would be hard to do.  I was looking forward on doing my lips, and thought it would be easy to do, because I do a good job painting lips with acrylics, and watercolor, but oh man....this was another story! I had a very hard time getting my actual lip color, I couldn't even get a pinky color going on. -.- 
The easiest part of doing this painting was doing my hair, that was pretty easy and kind of fun and surprisingly painting my dark gray shirt. :D I love the wrinkles on the right side of the shirt more so than on the left side. :)
Oh! And even though I worked several times on the skin tone, of going back and forth and trying to make it better, I MANAGED TO GET MY BUTTON NOSE!!! :D I WAS VERRRY HAPPY! LOL I was like, I GOT MY NOSE! lol :D  Sooo my portrait painting looks half like me and half not like me but.... at least I my nose came out just like mines! ;D

And let me let you guys know, I have done a  few self portraits in the past before, in pencils, watercolor, acrylics and color pencils, and they ALL TURNED OUT LIKE ME! But this was the only medium, in which my portrait came out looking like half of me, it's hard. :/ I don't think I'll do another self portrait of me, but well...I mean, if I DO, I def. want to make like funny faces and add some fun to it. :D 


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