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Anna & I support gay & equal rights, and we were excited when we were contacted by Love & Pride, explaining about who they are and what their jewelries stand for. We quickly loved that Love & Pride represents the gay community, because there aren't that much (as far as we know) jewelries that have meaning and represent gay and equality rights. We think it's really cool and unique!
And another thing we both love about Love & Pride is when someone purchases their jewelries, a portion of the proceeds, (sometimes a 100%) go to communities that support gay and equal rights like, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, & Marriage Equality USA. To find out more about the organizations that I just mentioned & other organizations read about them here. Also if you want to know more about Love & Pride, check out their 'About Us'

Here are some pictures of  some of the Love & Pride jewelries that Anna & I loved:

(Left wrist ) Karni Craft - Japanese I

We also want to show you guys other jewelries from Love & Prides site that we love! :D
2. Silver Ring with Green Enamel & Love & Pride Logo
3. Rounded Black Titanium Ring with Rainbow Cutout
4. Silver Ring with Sea Foam Green Enamel
5. 4mm Stainless Steel LOVE Ring (We looove the design of this, so cool! )
6. Pink L Word Watch
7. Silver Bracelet with Diamonds on Cotton Cord
8. Silver Peace Sign Pendant Necklace with Single Diamond
9.  Stainless Steel LOVE Dog Tag Friendship Necklace (Love the design of this as well )

Fun Rings & Bracelets
1. Silver &Rainbow Tye-Dye Ring
2. Black Titanium Ring with 18k Gold
3. Coffee Colored Sterling Silver Geometrical Ring
4. White Leather Woven Bracelet with Brass Lock
5. Erica Jewelry - Curved Dome Two Finger Ring
6. Erica Jewelry - Brown Leather & Suede Bracelet with Interwoven Gold Chain
7. Red Beaded Bracelet
       Peach Beaded Bracelet
     Light Beaded Bracelet
    Gold Beaded Bracelet
8. PDB Jewelry - Chanja "Yeah Buddy" Ring Silver  (I want this, so cool! )
9. Natural Horn Bangle 
10. Union Part & Recreation - Bent Nail Bracelet
Modern Bracelets & Bangles
1. Union Parts & Recreation - Cog Bangle - Gold
2. Union Parts & Recreation - Cog Bangle- Gunmetal
3. Antique Gray Stainless Steel Bracelet

Pretty Necklaces & Earrings

1. Hija Por Bida - Rosegold Hija Necklace
2. good hYOUman - Fallen Leaf
3. good hYOUman - Love Dogtags
4. Casa Por Vida - R. Garcia Necklace
5. Love Peace & Earth - Natural Garden Stone Necklace
6. Love Peace & Earth - Natural Garden Stone Necklace - Bronze mesh 
7. Love Peace & Earth from Classil - natural Garden Stone Sterling Silver Necklace - Leaf
8. Erica Jewelry - Turquoise Gypsy Earrings with Rings & Charms
9. Erica Jewelry  - Heart Earrings with Swarovski crystals
10. Casa Por Vida - Romany Earring
11. Haya Elfasi - Ebony Wood Flower Earrings
12. Erica Jewelry - Vintage Style Turquoise Earrings

We love a lot of things! lol They have other nice jewelries if you guys are interested, check out Love & Pride! :)

Eliza & Anna

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