What I'd Wear To Tomorrowland.......

11:00 AM

What I'd Wear To Tomorrowland......

These are the outfits I'd wear for the 3 FULL DAY MADNESS @ Tomorrowland! :D
I'd keep my style simple and of course casually cool, I'm not one of those girls that love to dress up for a festival....I'm gonna be too busy bouncing, jumping, and dancing around lol, I'd want to be comfortable for that. :D

Day 1
A crop top with fringe, I actually originally envisioned myself wearing a ombre of blue to purple top with fringes at the ends, but couldn't find my vision on polyvore, sooo this had to do. :)
Denim cut offs, a nice medium wash, because it can go with everything :)
One pair of Converse high-top sneakers to go with the 2 other outfits
Solid colored sunnies, cause colored sunnies I think are perfect and fun for festivals
friendship bracelets. I love this friendship bracelet cuff, just so cool and pretty. :)
Day 2
Denim Button Down shirt, if it gets cold, at least you'll have something to keep you some what warm ^^
A neon bandeau top, goes nice paired up with the denim button down in light wash
Ombre colored cut-offs that will complement the neon bandeau top :)
Spiked bracelet to add a bit of edginess to the outfit and it's just fun
A fanny pack to go with all 3 outfits, to store your chap stick, cell, annnd whatever else you need,
I think it's so perfect and cute! :D
Day 3
A fun printed graphic shirt (I looove that Festival Fever shirt, so PERFECT!)
Denim Cut-offs from the first day (I think you can wash your clothes there, lol)
Another friendship bracelet cuff in a brown leather version :)

And that's it, 12 items for 3 days for the festival! :D


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