Denim On Denim

3:15 PM

What I'm wearing:
Top - Uniform John Paul Richard (Def. from the 90's!) lol
Jeans - Blank NYC
Shoes - Zara
Bracelet (On my left hand) - London Manori

I have been wanting a chambray button down top, for several months now, and while looking around my closet, guess what I found?! I found a denim chambray button down top! YAYYYYY! The top is from the 90's I believe, it's of good quality, although it's a bit short and sort of big on me, but it's ok, I don't mind a loose look. :)
So yeah, I paired the old chambray denim top with my beloved skinny jeans, it's the only dark wash denim jeans I have and it's the best skinny fit jeans I own. 
 I cuffed it at the bottoms and cuffed the sleeves of the top, to give it the summery look. And I also thought cuffed jeans will look better with the oxfords. :)

It's just a simple look, but an outfit I've been wanting to try out after I've seen some blogger girls wearing denim on denim outfits, and I reallly liked the look, so I wanted to try it out! :D
I love the simplicity of the denim on denim look and I think it's enough to be cool looking on its own, without having to add too much to the outfit, you know? 
It's just cool and easy going style. :)


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