FREEBIE FRIDAY: Hand Drawn Photoshop Brushes!

5:52 PM

  I'm excited to share with you guys, my 1st brush pack that's hand drawn by me and made in photoshop! I waited allll week to finally make a post about this! 
You guys can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE @ my deviantart account, just look for the DOWNLOAD FILE  at the right hand side, there's a green arrow pointing down next to the Download File, it's in a ZIP folder, so just open it up and you can use it in PHOTOSHOP and there's also a TERMS OF USE note card that comes along in the zipped folder, so please take a look @ what you guys CAN & CAN'T DO WITH MY BRUSHES! 

If you guys are too lazy to read my note card, which I know some people are, sadly....
I will list them out for you here to READ of TERMS OF USE

*You may use this for your personal use and commercial use, but please credit me back, it's only fair :) My deviant art is, so just link me back :)

*If you have a deviantart account, leave a comment and a link of your work, so I can see what you created with my doodle brushes and for those that don't have a deviantart, I'd like to see what you did with my doodle brushes as well, so just email me @ OR you can show me what you've done through INSTAGRAM with the hashtag of etsdoodlebrushes  
( #etsdoodlebrushes ), I'd reallly love to see! :D

*Please don't redistribute my work as your own at other sites or anywhere else
  If you want to share, please link my stuff, be respectful, THANK YOU! :)

I will be doing FREEBIE FRIDAYS EVERY WEEK giving out free downloads of my photoshop brushes, so you guys can have them. Next week is going to be exciting brushes, that I'm sure will be of GREAT USE for you bloggers, and I can't wait to put it out! ;D



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