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blogging, I miss fashion, I miss it all.

Hey everyone, 
I decided to make a unplanned post, because I want to let you guys know what's going on with me, and why I haven't been blogging. The last post I did was in August 2013....YIKES! O.o Once my uni started in late August, I got busy with school, I'm a art major, and well, I place my education higher than blogging, I put it first, sooo I really have no time for blogging, because my art classes/assignments mean a lot to me, and I really want to always do my BEST on each assignment, as I want to become a better artist. 

Now, even though I'm focused on my studies, it doesn't mean, I want to say goodbye to blogging, I don't. I can't let go of Run With Fashion, I worked hard for it, it's my baby, and I do miss it, I miss blogging so much, it actually makes me sad :( .  I actually wanted to come back to blogging in January, I wanted to start 2014 fresh, and what better way, than giving my blog a new look, right?! 

I wanted to update my blogs layout look, because I was getting tired of it, it's boring, it's blah and outdated! 
And I found a layout over January, and I'm so in love with it! It's a white layout, it's clean, and it's modern, and Anna loved it as well! Thankfully the layout is free, because, the layout looks so pro, and most good layouts are for pay. But, I ran into a problem, after downloading the layout, I can't install it on blogger?! I'm having trouble, installing it to blogger. I don't see the code that came with the download, I don't see anything! I'm really frustrated with it, I feel lost with it, and just a big I DON'T KNOW! I contacted the designer of the layout, and haven't heard anything from him since January :( I'm so sad about that :( I WANT THAT LAYOUT!!! Ugh >.<  Times like this, really makes me wish I knew how to design a layout, haha >.<  If anyone is a genius at installing layouts, PRETTY PLEASE CONTACT ME, AND HELP OUT A FELLOW BLOGGAH SISTA OUT! :D *pretty pleeeeeaseee* :)

I also want to share some stuff that are going on with me, besides school.....
there was some big thing that happened to me last December (I believe it was), I'm not quiet sure if I want to really open up about the situation with you guys, like getting into detail about it, but I came across something over the net, that has to sorta deal with my blog and some other blogger and well it really broke my heart, and it honestly felt like death to my blog
I questioned, if I should continue on with blogging or not, a part of me wanted to continue on with my blog, and a part of me felt like my blog like died, like I lost it ;( .  That was the other thing that got in the way of wanting to blog, besides school. I just felt sick to my stomach from the discovery I found on the net, I was heart broken, emotional, half dead like within. 
I'm still heart broken & deeply hurt about the situation, but decided, that I want to continue on with Run With Fashion, regardless of the other blogger. 

Now, since that situation happened in December, I started to question about continuing on with blogging or not, as I mentioned above, and I was also questioning about blogging in general. There are some things, that I dislike about blogging and then there are things that I love about blogging. My fav part about blogging, is sharing with my followers, creative stuff I do, to my thoughts on things that interest me and my opinions, and it's a really great way to meet other girls that share the same interests as you, it's fun, and blogging has def. opened up my eyes, to the world! It's amazing, the power of blogging! 

Now, the part I realllly dislike hate about blogging, this part really GETS TO ME, I feel like, every since blogging has gotten really popular, it seems, that some bloggers are only after themselves. What do I mean by that, you may wonder, well, let me tell you, when bloggers leave SHITTY COMMENTS like, "Hey cool blog, come check out mines and please follow me" or "Come check out my new post (insert their blog link)" like this commenter, doesn't even BOTHER to read MY POST, but has the NERVE to ask me to check out their new post! LIKE WTF?! I HATE...NO WAIT, HATE IS TOO WEAK, MORE LIKE LOATHE, I LOATHE SHITTY BLOGGERS who come onto my blog, and don't even bother to read my post, but have the nerve to ask me to check out their blog and on top of that, they fuckin BEG me to follow their freakin blog! Asking, other bloggers to follow your blog, to me equals begging, and I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE WHO DOES THAT TEENAGE CRAP! PLEASE...that shit is ridiculous, grow the fuck up! >:@  And on my last post, that I did on August, I had a female commenter, who wrote a FAKE COMMENT, saying within the lines of "nice outfit, check out my blog please" ....... -.-....my post wasn't a outfit post, it was a ART POST! >.<. 
I question the authenticity of bloggers today, not alll bloggers, just some bloggers out there, are really after themselves, and only care of being popular it seems, and I fuckin hate that. I remember when blogging was new, and not everyone was into it, I remember making the discovery of fashion blogs, my first one, Fashion Toast, and I would look at the comments and I don't ever remember seeing fake comments, they were real. Nowadays, some bloggers see the comment box as a way only to promote THEIR BLOG, like they don't bother leaving a decent REAL COMMENT, it's allll about them! BS I SAY! >.< 
It honestly angers me sooo much! It's really the only thing I LOATHE ABOUT BLOGGING! *sigh* :(  
Where are all the real bloggers at?! 

And one last thought about blogging, I'm thinking of having a new direction with my blog?  
1. I still want to occasionally do outfit photos

2. I want to do video posts, creative wise, I want to do DIY's and other creative videos :)
    I will be sharing my first serious stop motion video soon, and can't wait! :D 

Lastly, I will continue to show and share my art, with you guys, because it's a talent and who wouldn't like seeing talent? Right?! ;) 

And I believe that is all I have to say,
I was actually doing my readings for my art history class earlier, but I couldn't focus, because, fashion slipped into my mind, and I became sad, and I thought, I'M JUST GONNA BLOG! lol
And it feels good to blog again, FINALLY! ;)
I feel 10 pounds lighter, after getting all these thoughts and feelings outta ma system! :D


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