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Rebecca Minkoff, Tumblr and Nordstroms came together to do a talent search through tumblr, looking for Artist, Models and Photographers. 

The Artists had to design a tee shirt & canvas tote inspired by Rebecca Minkoff, and I guess Nordstrom's  favorite type of woman: Strong & Feminine. The winning t-shirt will be walked in Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2014 show at New York Fashion Week and it will be sold at Nordstrom the same day and they will get $5,000.

The Model will have the opportunity to star in a national fashion campaign for Rebecca Minkoff and Nordstrom, featuring the winning t-shirt and tote designs, and they will get $5,000

The Photographer, will have the opportunity to shoot a nation fashion campaign for Rebecca Minkoff and Nordstrom, starring the winning model and the t-shirt and tote designs, they will also get $5,000.

Prettty awesome right?! 
So I had to join the talent search contest, and these are my designs that I came up with of a strong & feminine woman. :)
The way the woman is being posed is to suggest a strong personality, and the color red means strength, and the flowers and the floral pleated soft dress is to symbolize femininity. :)
I'm sooooo in loooove with the tote bag! ♥♥♥♥

They're all hand drawn by me, inked in a pigment linear marker and colored with watercolors. The dress is designed by me, and the tote bag I drew in adobe illustrator, and as for the t-shirt template I got that for free from American Apparel :D
The winners were announced today around noon, you guys can read it on Rebecca Minkoff's Tumblr.
Even though I didn't win, I still feel like, I sorta won in some ways,  because Rebecca Minkoff got to see my work!!! :D Right?! So that's awesome! I wish I could have been invisible and be in the room of the judges (being Rebecca Minkoff, David Karp CEO of tumblr and Jeffrey Kalinsky, executive Vice President of Designer Merchandising for Nordstrom), and hear what they had to say about my work ^^ lol, I'M JUST WONDERING, THAT'S ALL! :)
And also, I won courage and confidence to enter MY FIRST CONTEST! And I'm proud of myself for finally mustering up and doing this, because I've always felt discouraged to enter contests, because I felt I wasn't good enough, because there are artists that are way better than me, and that I won't win.
TRUTH IS....THERE ARE ARTISTS BETTER THAN ME, BUT....I thought to myself, "I shouldn't let that get to me....because, the judges have preferences too, and who know's they can like a illustration that's very loosely drawn, more like expressionist style of illustration over a illustration that's tightly drawn and "perfect" looking, you know? Some people will look at a art work, that looks like a 5 yr old drew/painted and they'll be like, THIS IS ART, THIS IS MAGNIFICENT! Over an art work that looks so skilled. So, you never know, you might just win."  That's what I was thinking, and decided to just go for it, even if I won't win, I just wanna try out for it.
And you know what?! I'M GLAD I TRIED OUT FOR IT!!!
Because I created a illustration that I'm in love with, specifically...the TOTE BAG!
I LOVE IT! I want to bring this baby to life and try to sell it, the t-shirt and the tote bag. :)

Sooooo....if anyone is interested in either the shirt or the tote bag, I will keep you guys updated on when it's in the process of getting made and will let you know how much it will cost, you can email me @ runwithfashion@yahoo.com, saying you're interested in my strong and feminine woman t-shirt or tote bag design, and I will keep you updated. :)))


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