My First Stop Motion Video! :)

8:13 PM

So in my other post, I told you guys that I'll show you my first stop motion video I did, and here it is! :D

I did this for my illustration class last month, I had to illustrate the words, Time & Opposition, and I came up with 3 ideas, and this was one of them, but it was in a comic version. I came up with this idea because, well, I don't like time, so I was thinking to myself, what if the numbers of a clock were alive, how would they feel? Would they feel like their in jail, being in the clock? What if one day one of the numbers decided to escape from the clock, and all the other numbers saw that number escaping and they're like cool, I want to be free as well! So they all escaped when the hand strikes their number. So that was the whole concept behind my stop motion video. :)

I did everything by hand, I had to make 2 sets of numbers, numbers without feet and hands and another set with numbers with hands and feet. It was TIRING!!! But they turned out pretty cute :D
I took like around 300 pictures? And edited them on photoshop cs6 and made the video on there, I also found the sound effects from and some other site, and added them to my video. :)
I learned a lot from making this stop motion video, it was frustrating because I encountered a couple problems and had to figure them out on my own on ps cs6. But I learned from those mistakes, and I def. want to continue and make more stop motion videos, soooo you guys will def. see more stop motion videos from me in the near future! ;)

I hope you guys enjoy it or like my video! :)


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