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Betsey Johnson Sample Sale

Betsey Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
The background was supposed to be colored, but I couldn't decide on the color >.<

OMG Betsey Johnson Sale!

I did these 3 illustrations for my illustration class like last wk I think. Anyways the assignment was to make a poster about an event either music or anything that interests us, or we can make up an event for something. 
So I chose FASHION OF COURSE! ;) And at first I wanted to do a poster for a fashion show, but I don't know I wasn't getting much ideas, until one day I went on my instagram, scrolled down my feed and BOOM! I saw a pic by Betsey Johnson and then it hit me, DUH!! BETSEY JOHNSON!!! I SHOULD DO A POSTER ON HER!  :D  Her fashion always makes me happy, and it's always youthful and just FUN!! And for this assignment, I was def. aiming for fun and youthfulness, so yeah, how perfect. :D
So even though I found my inspiration, I was still having problems doing a fashion show poster on Betsey Johnson, I mean I had some ideas, but I don't know, wasn't sure about the direction , I guess? OH WELL, I changed my mind and decided to make a poster for a Betsey Johnson store sale instead, I felt I could have a lot of fun with it, and I felt a lot more free with my ideas. :D 

All the clothes drawn on the illustrated "posters" are actual clothes, shoes, & accessories from Betsey Johnson. :D I enjoyed drawing the dresses, ALWAYS FUN!

These are all composition ideas, so I will be finalizing one of them which is the 1st poster, and will be silk screened on to WOOD! :D I'm gonna do a giant dress, haha. :)

I'll keep you guys updated on this assignment, hopefully it turns out good *crosses fingers* because, I'm a lil nervous, this would be my 1st time silk screening, and well, I just want to do a good job, you know? :)


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