Warby Parker - Spectrum Sun Collection

7:34 PM

Hi guys!
I have something cool to share with you! :)
Warby Parker has a new Spring collection called, Spectrum Sun!
If you guys haven't heard of Warby Parker, they're a eye wear brand, that sells prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses and all their eye wear starts at $95! Pretty nice huh?! ;)
Also, what's nice about the brand is that they will let you do a home try-on test, which means, you can pick out 5 EYE WEARS OF YOUR CHOICE, free shipping to you, and you'll have 5 DAY'S to test out your picks, return them to Warby Parker with free shipping and head on over to their site and purchase the eye wear that you loved from the home try on test, and they will ship it right over to you! ISN'T THAT NEAT?! I LOVE THAT IDEA! That's one of my fav things about Warby Parker, having that option makes things a lot easier, won't you say?  Because I wear eye glasses and I must say I am tempted to try the home try on test, I will def. keep Warby Parker in mind for the future of picking out new eye glasses! :D

But on to the spring collection, Spectrum Sun, it's fun and stylish, and I absolutely love the colors of the frames and lenses, and what I noticed about the lenses were that they weren't so opaque, it's semi transparent which is nice, perfect for spring, as the sun won't be too sunny and bright, blinding you in your eyes, lol. ;D

So say goodbye to cold days, because the sun is making it's way to us, or shall I say our eyes?! ;D


I LOVE HALL SO MUCH!! I love the color of the frame, I love that it's clear, and love the ombre color in the lens, I think it's pretty and so PERFECT for spring! :D ♥♥♥♥

Minnie for me is like a classic sunnie, I just love the circular frames (I'm a big fan), love the stripped sassafras, the ombre colored lens, it's just so stylish! Love it soo much!!♥♥♥♥

Piper, who can ever say no to black sunnies right?! ;D
I love black sunnies, especially when they have a thick frame, it just stands out for me. 
Piper is a understated cat-eye with a sloping browline, I think it's so nice. :)

When I first saw Downing it quickly gave off a vintage vibe. Like how thin the frame is, and for some reason the blue colored lens, it goes nicely with the colors of the frame. :)

*Which pair of  sunglasses do you guys like from the Spectrum Sun collection? :)*


*Disclosure - I wasn't paid to do this post and received no freebies, all opinions and thoughts are my own. :)

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