Outfit I Wore For Anna's Opening of Her First Student Show Art Gallery

3:03 PM

What I Wore:
Shirt - Zenana Outfitters
Cowl Tunic - Delirious (Ross)
Skirt - Forever 21 
Oxfords - Sam Edelman
Lip Gloss - J.cat Beauty  in Clear Pink 

 Anna's painting, "Eliza, My Other Half" in the student show :)

This was the outfit I wore to Anna's opening of her first student art gallery show that was held at our university, last month. It was a big deal, because the student art gallery show happens every yr and it's juried either by people from the art department or people outside the university. And this yr, the jurors were two artists that were outside of the school, one was a photographer and I think think the other one was a painter? I forgot.  But any art major student can submit how many art pieces they want, and it's all types of art, from graphic/web design, ceramic/sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, illustration and animation to video and the two artists will decide which art work will be part of the annual student art gallery and what will not.
Anna submitted two paintings, a "Surreal Still Life" that was black in white which was done in acrylics and oils & the second painting was a portrait of me, which was titled, "Eliza, My Other Half" which was done in oils and acrylics, and no painting brushes were used, she only used a painting palette knife, her fingers, and cotton ear swabs. Before Anna submitted her paintings, we both knew in our hearts that "Eliza, My Other Half" would get in, and after a couple or few days of waiting for the results to see if her work got it, SURE ENOUGH IT DID! :D We were both soooo happpppppy!!! I was so proud of Anna, and of course she was proud of herself, to get accepted the first time of submitting to a big annual juried student art gallery show, it's a pretty big thing! :D ♥♥♥♥!!!
The night of the opening went good, people complimented on her painting which was awesome and I was just so happy for her ! :D 


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