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11:33 PM

Hi guys! :)
Do you remember my Betsey Johnson illustration post I did few months back?
And I said I'll update you on what I did with it, by screen printing?
Well, here it is! :D
I screen printed the purple dress onto a wood, and it's a 3 color screen print, dark purple, mid-tone purple, and a light shade purple/pinkish. This was my first time screen printing, and boy, it looked easy, but I screwed up several times working on my wood piece. I first put too much ink that it transferred like a blob of ink onto the wood -.-.  I had a nice classmate help me out, so thankful for his help, it was very sweet of him! On the hightlight part of the dress, I did it on my own and it came out nice, expect as you can see the image got moved :/ so you can see the yellow paint of the wood. I really don't like the wood piece, lol, but my teacher actually did?! He gave me a B! *Shocking!* But I'll take it ;) lol
I realllllly love the paper version, it came out sooo much nicer than the wood piece, and this wasn't an assignment, it was just like for us to have a print of our work. My teacher actually gave me this paper (such nice quality) to put my dress print on it, because I didn't have any paper. He really liked the paper version too and so did some of my classmates and I'm so happy, because my teacher submitted my paper screen printed dress to the student illustration show at my school, and it got in! :D So cool, it was awesome seeing my work up on the wall in the illustration show! :D 


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