UPDATE....I'm back! :)

11:50 AM

So I've got a lot of news to fill you in or rather show! ;D

First, my summer break officially started this wk for me, it actually started last Friday, but I still had to finish up some assignments, my teachers were nice enough to extend the deadlines... :D phew! So I feel free now, & can move on with blogging! :D

I was suuuper buuuusy with my classes this semester, especially my illustration class, I absolutely LOVED IT, and was so dedicated to that class, that I pretty much gave alll my attention to it and actually paid little to almost no attention to my other classes until the last minute, haha. :P
So on the subject of illustration, I can't waiiiit to show you all the stuff I did, and a dream I have been wishing and wanting since I was a teenager, that I FINALLY GOT TO ACHIEVE! :D
And that dream was to put my own illustrations onto tshirts & I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU GUYS!!! :D I'm sooo happppy about them, if you guys follow me already on instagram, you already have seen 2 of the screen printed illustration tshirts :D

But first, I'll start with an outfit post, that I actually forgot to post that happened last month! :S I took the outfit pictures and meant to show you guys, but ugh, I totally forgot, sorry about that!
And then I'll show you guys my illustrations that are fashion related that I did in my illustration class! :D

That's pretty much it, and by the way, I made an art blog on tumblr, so if you guys love my art work, and would like to keep an eye on what I create, you can follow my art tumblr  :)


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