Sephora Birthday Gift

8:41 PM

Hi guys, long time, haha ^^

Any who, today is my birthday, and this is really the only gift I got, but I'm pretty happy about, because, it's NARS! :D 
Most of my make up is drugstore bought, like $1 and $2 lippie products lol, so I'm so happy to have a HIGH END LIPPIE PRODUCT! Last yr, I did get the Makeup Forever Sephora Bday gift, and I realllllly loved the mini lipstick and mascara it came with, that was actually my first HIGH END MAKE UP PRODUCT! :)
I haven't tried the lippies yet, but I can't wait to try them and probably blog about the lippies and do a little review I guess. ^^

Anyways, happy Monday! :)


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