MEOW! ;)

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This costume was totally last minute, all thanks to my handmade cat ear headband! :D 
I wanted cat ears just for a fun accessory, I wanted to make the cat ear headband with the metal wire with rhinestones, but I didn't have the materials, so I thought why not make it out of felt, just a all black one. So while planning on creating the headband, it got me into the mood for halloween, and I thought, it would be fun and cute to post it on the blog. Although, I didn't plan on having a costume with it, just me wearing the headband. But once I made my fun cute accessory, it got me super excited and thought I should just go all out, wear the outfit and do a kitty face  
So yesterday I wore my costume and took a bunch of pics, lol, I had so much fun being a cat, I really loved it, who knew! :)
Anyways, hope you guys like the pics! ^^

My Cat Costume:
Leotard - Capezio (I bought it specially for my ballet class earlier this yr )
Leggings - No brand (was a gift from my Aunt )
Socks - No Brand
Cat Ear Headband - DIY by yours truly ;)

Hope you guys have a safe and fun Halloween and it feels good to be back making a fun post! :)

I'll catch you guys next time, or you'll catch me next time! ;)


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