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Just a simple deer costume, all thanks to my handmade deer antler headband I made last yr and finished it off earlier this month. It's made out of wool felt and hand sewn onto a bought black headband. :) 😊
I was invited to my cousin's pumpkin carving party she was throwing, and I was happy to go and decided to go as a deer to wear my handmade accessory! :D I decided to keep the outfit simple, brown shades of clothing and the deer make up. Now mind you guys, I DO NOT HAVE PROPER MAKE UP SUPPLIES....they're all cheap lol and I mainly have lip products. In order to do the deer look, you need contour colors or maybe even a bronzer, well....I HAD NONE, lol. And the night before I attended my cousin's party, I was practicing my make up deer look, and not having a contour set sucked and all I could think of was, fuck and I wish I can use my sister's Anastasia's counter set *emoji crying face* lol. But I decided to just look through my stuff and see what I can do. I saw I had some brown eye shadow palettes and I thought....hmmmm....swatched them on my face and decided to play around with my brown eye shadows to achieve the deer look. And I have to say, it worked out just fine and worked out, I was pretty shocked!! :D 

Here's a photo of my practice deer make up look :)
All the brown shades are eye shadows which was from a Sephora small eye shadow palette I got in 2014, never really used it, lol, BUT, I'M THANKFUL I BOUGHT IT, because it was THE BEST brown shadows I had amongst my other neutral shadows, I would have been screwed if it wasn't for the Sephora eye shadows! :D  
Oh by the way, I'm not wearing any foundation or concealer, it's just brown eye shadows, white eye shadow, & white eye liner. I had a lot of fun practicing and playing around with ideas. I was honestly pretty impressed with what I had and made it work! :D
The next day, the day of the party, I did my make up a bit better and I was PRETTY WOW'D AND IMPRESSED WITH MY BASIC SKILLZ! LOL For someone who doesn't wear make up much, only for special occasions, and does basic make up looks, I'm pretty impressed with what I was able to do! I REALLLLY LOVED AND ENJOYED WORKING ON MY DEER LOOK, I just was so happy, that I wish I could play with creative make up looks all the time! In fact, makes me wish I can go to beauty school :/ I realllly love and enjoy fantasy/creative/character make up looks, it just fits in nicely with my artistic skills and interests. While, everyday make ups are BORING, and I honestly, always feel nervous doing everyday make up, because, there's pressure of having everything looking perfect, and ugh I just...I can't deal with that, that takes the fun and joy out of make up for me! 
Ooooh to be an artist *sigh* everything must be fun and joyous for me, if not....I'm not interested and it rather becomes work!. -.- I MUST HAVE PASSION

Oooookaaaayy, so I got a lil off subject, but here are the rest of the pictures! :)
Sorry for the lack of quality of my pics, they were all taken with my iphone, my camera that I always used for this blog is dead and it isn't compatiable with my Mac computer, sooo yeah, things are tight for me right now, and this is all I have so yeah, bare with me ^^
Mascara - Makeupforever
On the lips- NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Exotic 
White and brown eye shadows are from a 2014 Sephora palette that's not availabe online anymore so yeah, can't link it for you guys.

The elf liner was either a $1 or $3 when I bought it several yrs back, the wet n wild white liner is 99cents at your local drugstore, the make up forever mascara was a Sephora Birthday freebie, NYX lippie was $7 and the eye shadows I used on my face all came in a small round eye shadow palette and it was $5 on sale in 2014, and I had to get that lol, I'm thankful I did! 
This is a under $20's make up look! lol :)

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! :)
I shall go have some treats now! ;)


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