My Vday Skullection ;)

11:58 PM

The Couple: Mr. & Mrs
This is going to be glued on a re-sizable ring band. :)

Seeing Hearts Skull (I think I might change the name)

The Couple: Femme Love
Because Valentine's day, isn't just for straight people ;)

There's more vday skulls, I'm just having a hard time making tiny music notes, it's a bitch!
But, I will show you them soooon, and I made a male gay skulls, and they both have mustaches on, but for 1 of the skulls the mustache broke :(((( So I have to re-do it, >:( !

Anyways, I hope you guys like my Valentine Skullections so far, (by the way, I made up the word Skullection in summer 2010, while making skulls from air dry clay for myself. I had an idea to do a collection of skulls, and I kept saying my Skull Collection, it then hit me that those two words go, and so I mashed them up, and SKULLECTION WAS BOOORN! :D) I will show you the rest, annnd I would like to sell these rings at like craft shows and or festivals, sadly, I'm not yet going to sell online, I'm soo bummed out. :(

* How was your Vday? *


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