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  Jeremy Sole - Live at Coachella 2012 (Do Lab presents) by Jeremy Sole
I have been listening to these songs since lateish May until this month, and if you LOOOVE LATIN/CULTURAL MUSIC, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS!! 
Every SONG IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! It has some Jamaican, Brazilian music, Puerto Rican, Columbian, some Chicago music(sooo beautiful! ), a bit of middle eastern music towards the end and back to instrumental music
I absolutely loove cultural music, and when I first started listening to these songs, I started to groove in my chair! :D lol I just really love the cultural beats/and the beautiful instruments.  I can't believe they were at Coachella, I wish I was there :(
Oh well, I'm happy that Jeremy Sole did this podcast thing, and let it his fans dload it for free! :D

Looooove this video! DEF. MY FAV KATY PERRY MUSIC VIDEO!
It's just so creative, love the storyline of it & she's sooo BEAUTIFUL, I loove her with
I listened to this song non-stop this month, totally obsessed with this song. I just love the lyrics so real, and I just love how she rhymes, no one can do it like Katy Perry
    And how cute is lil Katy Perry? Right?!
   She's soo cute when she stomps on the ground, love her lil face. Also when watching the video, I gasped when Katy Perry punched the prince and then I laughed lol, didn't see that coming! :D 
I love Katy's sense of humor. lol 

Loove this song! I think I love it more than their first single.
I just looove the energy that comes with this song, the drum beats all the way to the lead singers voice. !

  Brown Eyed Brother- Produced by Rene Lopez- Free Download by Rene Salavatore Lopez
Looooove RENE LOPEZ!
This is his new single for his upcoming cd, and I looove this song! I loove the the beautiful instruments in the background, ughh soooo goood! I also loove his voice, love his style, it has a retro/swing style at least in this song, I absolutely loove it! :D
COME ONNN & listen to it! ;D lol

And since there was a sad news in the dance music scene recently of,  Swedish House Mafia splitting up or calling it end, I decided to post some of my fav SHM songs. I just hope this unexpected ending of SHM won't last forever, I hope they do work together in the future, cause they make some fucking magic with beats and dance music!

This was the first song I heard from SHM and I instatnly loved it and I love this song even more, because Pharrell Williams is featured in it :D lol He's just awesome.

I looove this video so funny, awesome and cute! :D
It's funny when all the dogs are running along side each other on the street, it reminded me of like super heros, lol. Dogs are gonna save the world. ;D

 Those beats in the beginning....ugh....SOOOOOOO FUCKING GOOOD! Eargasim much? hahaha :P
This is such a energetic song, with killer beats!
Also, the guy who sings, reminds me of Pharrell Williams :)

  Swedish House Mafia - GREYHOUND by officialswedishhousemafia
Another song with great beats, I just don't know what else to say about SHM, they just know how to make good music. 

  Lighterman by thepartysquad
Looove this song! The style of this song reminds me of Major Lazer, just a bit.
Fun song :D Oh, and it's free to download too :)

LOOOOVE THIS DUBSTEP VERSION of the Pumped up kicks by Foster The People!
I honestly love this version more than the original song :P The dubstep sound is just sooo good, I love how the song starts alll the way till the end of the song Genius! :D

I loove listening to Dan Aux's show, George FM selectah, he ALWAYS plays good music, and through his shows I always find of  new artists, such as a new female rapper, MC Tali the first Lady

She's really great, I love how she rhymes, there's a story/meaning behind her songs, not just like those DUMB POINTLESS "MC" rapper ladies out there today in the mainstream who rap about stupid things with no meaning behind their lyrics, it's always just about partying, so annoying.
Plus, I loove her New Zealand accent, sooo coool!
Sooo, I suggest you guys listen to her, if you love rap and good rhymes. :D

 When I first listened to this song, I first didn't really like how it started, it wasn't like the usual Mika songs from the past, you know the fun energetic style that Mika has. Anyways, around 1:50 the song gets a lil energetic and then I start liking it, & then at 2:31, the song GETS ENERGETIC AND FUN!  I looove the song towards the end So after a few listens, I ended up loving the song, because the lyrics are just so cute. :) Love Mika!

Yea, I actually like this song, it GREW ON ME! lol
When I was in my oil painting class, the last few weeks of late May, I stayed up to finish my paintings, and
I listened to radio music, so I sometimes changed the station to a pop station and they would play this song  a lot, and at first I was ugh, annoying, don't like it, and quickly changed the station. And early June 1st, at like 6am, I stayed up to finish my final painting, and I had the radio on a pop station and they started playing this song, and I was too busy painting, that I didn't feel like changing the station, so for the first time I actually heard the whole song  on that day, and that's when I started to slowly like it, I thought, "'s not that bad", lol, it's pretty darn catchy song, and it eventually grew on me. :P

What songs have you been listening too? :)


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