My 2nd Portrait Painting of Lil Me :)

11:38 PM

Story behind this picture :) 

The reason why I'm not so happy in this pic is because it was picture day lol annnd I HATED PICTURE DAYS!  I just really hated them and I didn't like smiling for the camera's lol.  But even though I look mad or whatever, I was actually really happy, because I was wearing my fav outfit! :D  I loved the polka dotted shirt, the suspenders with the red buttons, the black and white stripes, the red skirt, I just really loved everything about this outfit! Oh and I also liked my hair clip. :D  
Soooo, I don't care what anyone SAYS OR THINKS ABOUT THIS PICTURE, I LOOOVE IT!!! :D I love that I am showing and expressing my true emotions on picture day :D lol.  
Oh by the way, I was 5 in this pic. ^^

I loooove how smooth the skin came out vs my first portrait. :D
I love the neck part, it came out just like my pic, it was actually pretty easy to do and quick. :)

I wanted to put a bit of highlight on the chin, but my brush was dirty from all the gray color, that when I applied the highlight, it came out a grayish color :(((( Something told me not to add the highlight and to just go to sleep, because it was like 5/6am, but I didn't listen to myself, and added the "highlight" and screwed up on the painting. :(  

 Do you guys remember my first portrait painting of me? A BIG IMPROVEMENT right?!
 I had to do a 2nd portrait for hw, and I was sooo nervous/excited of painting it. I was nervous, because I thought it would come out like my first portrait, like the style, but I was excited at the same time, because I was going to paint my fav picture of me, lol, well at least it's one of my fav pics of me. :)

This painting took me 5 days to do, and my the 3rd or 4th day, I was soooo TIRED OF DOING THIS PAINTING! >.<  It just became very tiring for me and I was frustrated, because it was a LIMITED COLOR PALETTE, and I had to make my own black, and my black kept running out, so I had to stop painting and sit for several minutes and make black, pain in the neck, -.-, lol. I really hated it, because I would either get, a black blue color or a dark brown black color, it was very frustrating to just get a nicely mixed BLACK color. I almost was even tempted to cheat and use a teeny bit of the black and just mix it with the Burnt Umber and the Ultramarine Blue.......buuuut, I DIDN'T do that because, I started to think of my teacher, and I honestly feared her, because if she found out, I would be so scared lol, basically, I didn't want to get into trouble with her, so I continued to just make my own black :P

The EASIEST thing to paint was my hair clip! Lol, just dab on white paint in circle shapes. :)
Oh and of course painting in the polka dots on my shirt, strangely enough, when I was painting in the polka dots, I managed to get a really nice black, that I had trouble getting when I was working on the hair, hate when that happens. >.<

I don't really know what else to say, I'm just really proud of myself for doing this painting, and IMPROVING! I worked really hard and LOOOONG HOURS on it and to see that hard work totally pays off, just feels..... reallly good and I don't know, just a reallly strong positive feeling that I felt inside, it really can't beat anything else!   :D


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