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12:00 PM

Wynter Gordon - Still Getting Younger

I looove this song, I found of it early July, while listening to Energy 98, and the minute I heard it, I JUST QUICKLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THE SONG and had to make a quick tweet to Wynter Gordon, saying how much I love the song! :D And to my surprise the next day, she followed me! :D
It's a fun song, and I looove the lyrics, this became my summer anthem song, cuz, my bday is in the summer, and even though I'm getting "older", (which I never feel :P), I feel like I'm still getting younger, I'm a big kid at heart, youthful from the inside FOREVER! :D
I thank Wynter Gordon for makin this song!!! :D

  Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo - Let's Go [Disco Fries Bootleg] by The Disco Fries
This song is sooooooo much better than the original song.
It's highly energetic, absolutely loove the beats, it has a bit of dubstep to it, sooo goood!
And love the beats with Ne-Yo's voice :)

Have a listen!

Looove this session of  Dan Aux's radio show, from the beginning to the end, the music is awesome and damn good! :D  My fav new song I found from this session is, 360 ft. Gossling -Boys Like You, ugh, I quickly loved the song and youtubed it quickly became obsessed with the song, in love? Yes! ♥ :D

LOOOVE THIS SONG! Thanks to the Dan Aux show, George FM Selectah, that dude ALWAYS PLAYS AWESOME MUSIC!  I love the song, love the beats/background music, like how the guy raps and looooove the females voice, so cute. :)
It's a cool song, listen to it. :)

Love this song, I love the beginning of the background instruments, it has a Arabic middle eastern feel. :D
I love the song, a bit catchy, but I do miss their old style, it was more punky/ska.
Other than that, I looove the video, everyone looks great and Gwen Stefani is AGELESS! The woman does NOT AGE! She looks the same from the mid 90's and early 2000's, and especially with her no doubt hair style. :D I love that the group is STILL THEM, like they didn't change over the yrs, Tom has the down to earth style going on, Adrian has the eccentric punky style, Tony has a bit of funky style, and Gwen....she just oozes out coolness! I love that Gwen still rocks her old No Doubt fashion style, it's just a nice warm nostalgic feeling in my tummy, a blast from the past, like nothing changed over the yrs......just the music style a bit. :)

I also love the storyline for the video, how each member is traveling alone in their buses, trying to figure out where they are/going, and then the members meet up and run to each other and hug, ugh.....just sooo beautiful to me! :D lol It really makes me happy and puts a smile on my face, them RE-UNITING! :D
And HOW SWEET IS ADRIAN'S BUS RIGHT?! LOL I loove that guy, he was my fav 2nd member of ND! :D I just love that he has a youthfulness about him and love his wacky side :D lol ♥ 
I also loove the DANCING in the video, sooo awesome and beautiful, I love the video so much! :D

I'm just happy NO DOUBT is back, because I have been waiting for a loong time for their come back, and I'm a TRUE NO DOUBT FAN since I was 14! :D

What can I say, TRANCE/RAVE = I NEED GLOW STIX!!! 
Seriously LOL, from the start of listening to it to all the way to the end, I was just imagining myself to be at a rave with glow stix in my hands & in the aiiiiir! :D
Dan Aux did an amazing job with this mix, soo fucking awesome, had some of my fav trance/rave music in the mix, and it felt like I was taking a walk down to memory lane :D

Miss hearing music from Eos, and I looove this track from him, it's different from his other tracks, because he usually does dubstep, but this song doesn't have any, it's not so heavy, it's just...really nice!
I think this track is a nice balance of a light side and nicely transitioning to energetic beats, like around 2.28 & around 4.08 so great!
Eos did a wonderful, great job with this track, he has a smooth touch, making music. :D
I hope I see this young man at Tomorrowland one day!

Beyonce Fan Ton Do-Nguyen did a Countdown version video of Beyonce's video and IT'S ABSOLUTELY PERFECTION! He got like EVERY MOVE DOWN! :O I looove the video, WATCH IT!  It even got noticed by Beyonce, and she posted it on her tumblr, how cool! :D
I think Beyonce should have him featured in her next music video...whenever that is. :D lol

That is what I have been listening to all month, and I'm prettty sure I'll still be listening to these songs in August, even possibly in September. :)


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