My 4th of July Outfit

11:33 PM

I wanted to keep my outfit simple and have a old school American vibe, like a bit rockabilly. :)
I thought the red bandanna and the black high top Converse shoes were the perfect touches for the old skool Americana vibe :)

I know I'm super late with this post, & I'm sorry about that, but, my computer net, is never stable, it's bi-polar, I don't know when it will work and when it will stop working. It's very frustrating, and really hard for me to blog, when I'm dealing with my shitty net. :(((

But on a happier note, I had a lot of fun editing these pictures on photoshop, trying to give the old skool retro look and feel to my pictures. I spent hooouuurs playing around with the colors and adding filters and what not, yeah, a lot of fun! So, I'd like to add more of a artistic touch to my pictures for my next outfit posts, when ever I do them. I'd like to bring a new creativity look to my pictures, instead of the regular photos, you know? I just wanna have fun, and create a feeling with my style, whatever the theme may be, retro, cute, simple, edgy, feminine, etc.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my pictures! :)


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