Old Navy Blogger Event!

8:21 PM

Our mannequins we got to style! 

This was styled by Melissa, from The Key to Chic.
This outfit is sooo her!! The printed pants, mixing prints with color and the shirt, so very her. I love that she picked out a shirt that had the word Key on it, it goes with her blog name. :)
This is my second time seeing her in a event, I saw her the first time in the Thread Show (link), and it was awesome she was at the Old Navy blogger event on Thursday, it's always nice seeing familiar faces. :)

This was styled by Anna, and I'm so happy she got to style a mannequin as well.
I really loved how her outfit came out, I think it's cool and cute! :) 

This was styled by me :)
I really loved the sheer blouse, so I wanted to go for a casual modern safari look. 
Like a city girl walking down the city street, wearing a inspired safari themed outfit, so keeping things casual, with the boyfriend shorts and the cute ankle flats. I pictured a off white clutch in my mind, but there weren't clutches in Old Navy, so I picked that bag, because I really liked how the neon yellow color looked with the tan colored blouse, and I liked the canvas material of the bag, it went with the safari themed inspired look. Plus the neon color is a great modern touch along with the neon yellow bracelet/bangle. 
As for the necklace, I pictured a animals tooth, but there was no mammal tooth necklaces in Old Navy, so I chose a feathered metal necklace. :)   I also pictured my mannequin wearing a hat, a straw hat, but the mannequins were already put on the window display, so I was too late. 
Oh, and one more thing...this is a daring outfit!
My mannequin has no undershirt! LOL! And the trainer manager of Old Navy that invited me to the event asked me if I wanted to put a shirt underneath, and I quickly replied no, and a minute later I was like to myself, WAIT YES!!! LOL, SHE DOES NEED A UNDERSHIRT! Where the hell was my brain?! lol
I think I was so excited to dress the mannequin that I forgot that one small missing item. -.- *sigh*
So yes ladies, don't wear a sheer blouse with no undershirt of some sort, that's my style advice, haha.

This was styled by Amy of Cozy Reverie
A bright fun colored outfit, loved that she added the green bag, because it really ties in with everything, and love how it goes with the colorful plaid shirt and the plum colored shorts, also those sandals are so cute, I love them!

This was styled by Kaitlin from Misskait
Loved her mannequin outfit too, it's like a casual bohemian look and feel. It's a floral printed dress, and the braided belt, the white stone necklace and of course the flip flops give the bohemian casual look. :)

Amy from Cozy Reviere
Anna & I enjoyed talking to her, she's so nice and easy to talk too, annnnd she's an artist as well! AWESOME! :D It's great, because I can relate with her in some level other than fashion. :)
After talking to a couple bloggers, we hanged around the fitting rooms, so we can give style tips/advice to shoppers. This man down below in the pic, was trying on clothes, and Melissa and Kaitlin were giving him advice and what not. :)

I love that he has such a happy face on lol, what a good sport! :)
Annnnnd this is the result! He's got new clothes! :)
(From left to right: MissKait, Kait's friend, Anna, and me.)

Every blogger got a name tag with their blog link at the bottom.
I thought it was pretty cool :)

Thanks to Lauren, the training Manager of Old Navy that invited me to participate in the blogger event. My first blogger event, thanks for the opportunity, it was a dream come true to style a mannequin. I always wanted and dreamed of styling one, and I got to do it for a store, and it will be in the window display along with the other mannequins that the blogger girls styled, for a whole week! So awesome!! :D I can finally say, 1 DREAM DOWN! :D

By the way, I don't have a group picture of me and the 3 other blogger girls, we took a group picture, but Anna wasn't around, so she missed out on taking the picture :/
But, you guys can check out their blogs to see their post on the event :)
The Key to Chic, MissKait and Cozy Reverie

It was nice meeting these girls, and hope to attend more events/blogger events and see them again and to meet more bloggers. :)

Also, my outfit post will be up in the coming days, so stay tuned! :)


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